Nox's Prison Lover Shows Up at Sloot #DiepCity

Sis wants her hun back

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 Diep City has been keeping us on our toes and we like it.

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 When Isibaya ended everyone was so shattered, we were so sure it was over for the 8:30 pm slot. Everything felt surreal not considering that viewers were informed way ahead of time that their favourite telenovela was coming to an end.

People expressed how they are going to miss the show and what role it played in making sure that people migrated to Mzansi Magic for the 8; 30 pm slot. Well came the new kid in the block, Diep City and when I say things shook up, we are almost thankful that Isibaya came to an end.

Coming from the producers of the "Orange Is the New Black" adaptation Lockdown, Black Brain Productions. We were not prepared for what was about to happen.

Viewers were dealt cliff-hangers for the whole week that had us gasping for air. We wanted to see what was going to happen the next day but also we were not so keen on what the following cliff-hanger was going to bring. It was a hard one.

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The cliff-hangers have not stopped and the drama is an everyday thing as it should. Mandla N and his team understand the memo and the execution is even more splendid. 

Let’s recap a bit. The previous week we saw how Sne(played by Nompumelelo Vilakazi), one of the Wrong Turns get beaten up day in day out by Fistos without fail. That was gender-based violence was shown in a very different and triggering light. That man would get pissed at Sne for simply doing her job. If work was hectic for him, he would come back home grumpy and release his anger on Sne. For a good two weeks, it seemed Sne was becoming gullible and she did nothing to fight this man. It was getting exhausting. 

Oh, behold, roles were reversed when Fistos beat up Sne that the whole community had to intervene. He was shown that in this community, women abuse will not be tolerated. He was almost burnt and we say almost because Sne came to his rescue because “he is the father of my babies”. No one truly understood why she did that to us, we were fighting that fight with her and the disappointment could not even be measured. 

That was until Mandla N unleashed “Helen” from Tyler Perry’s Diary of a Mad Black Woman. The Sne we had been praying for finally showed up. He was weak and had no strength to do anything for himself. He relied on Sne for everything. Sne reversed the roles and did to him what he had been doing to her. She became womandla. It was marvellous to watch. 

Moving on, Nox (played by Nozuko Ncayiyane)  another member of the Wrong Turns, came out of jail for killing her brother (she did not really kill him, she just took the fall for it) and soon met the man that had been sending her love letters she never received. They start dating and it is a beautiful thing to witness.

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Since Nox was in jail, we are assuming from here that Nox had an intimate relationship with one of the ladies in the cells. This woman has now been released and she wants her love back and she is willing to do anything. Nox has started lying to her boyfriend and he is suspecting that something may be up with Nox. 

The drama is galore. 

Watch Diep City weekdays at 20:00 on Mzansi Magic 161. 

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