Pearl Thusi Told To Live Within Her Means

"Artists are not struggling...they just need to adjust their lifestyles"

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With the lockdown not ceasing anytime soon, South African artists are apparently struggling and are not able to make ends meet. Pearl Thusi received heaps of backlash when she asked minister of sports, arts and culture Nathi Mthethwa, to assist artists financially.

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Nathi has been called out multiple times by artists, who are accusing him of not having an ounce of remorse for the artists who are losing their sources of income during this period. They have even nicknamed him 'Minister of condolences' because the only time he apparently ever avails himself is when an artist passes on.

"Dear Minister @NathiMthethwaSA , I say this in the sincerest way…  artists are struggling… can you assist with actual support/ money like how you tweet us congrats and condolences," she wrote.

Although her message is one of high importance seeing how various businesses are closing down because they cannot keep afloat due to lockdown restrictions, tweeps did not appreciate her privilege.

Pearl, and other artists were told to live within their means and cut down on costs so they can manage.

"Wait..Bheka Bheki...What are you guys being paid per acting gig, Tv appearance etc. because theirs actor from generations who allegedly is owing Uber drivers R5000 and it makes me wonder if the Ent industry is really a viable career because failing to pay R5000 when you on tv is a bit discouraging," a tweep responded referencing Letoya Makhene's situation.

Another tweep said artists live exorbitant lifestyles whereas they should cut down, "This people are getting paid good money. The problem is that once they are on TV they upgrade their lives beyond their means. That's their problem."

"Adjust your lifestyle...there's people that need it more. You can't compare artist that wanna look rich with people struggling for meals every day. It's the problem of not diversifying your income when you're up...but when you're down all of a sudden government must help?"

"Money for what? Yok'thenga amaGucci nama LV. We as people on the ground we struggling & we're the one who support artist & no one is talk about that," a tweep slammed Pearl.
Just last week, Pearl also got attacked on social media following her tweet about asking people what has the South African government gotten right apart from being corrupt, "Apart from corruption, what else does the South African Government do well? (10 marks),” she said.

People reminded her that she was also affiliated with a political party before so she should take a back seat.

Pearl always had a love-hate relationship with Twitter and she had responded to that.  “People who don’t like you will even hate how you blink. Just keep walking your path… And they want you to stop and address their issues with you to slow you down. KEEP MOVING!” she said.

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