Is This How Much Mac G Is Making From YouTube?

Mac G has one of the biggest channels in Africa

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It’s no secret that Mac G has the biggest YouTube channel in Mzansi in the entertainment space. The broadcaster turned podcaster gets hundreds of thousands of views, if not millions on his channel weekly.
This has a lot of people questioning how much money he is making from YouTube and if someone can actually make money from YouTube.

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Social Blade is an American website tracking social media statistics and analytics. Social blade most notably tracks YouTube among other social media platforms
According to Social Blade, Mac G makes about 1.3 to 21k dollars per month which amounts to roughly R322k per month on YouTube from Ad Sense, excluding sponsorships and partnerships.
His yearly earnings are about 16k to 257k per month. About R3.8 million per year from YouTube. Social blade which is not always accurate.
Mac G’s about to his 700k subscribers soon and possibly a million before the end of the year.
He also has a patreon and a chiller Market which he could be making a significant amount of money from. He also DJs on weekends and is usually fully booked.
Mac G’s earnings was something that was discussed in detail on Nkululeko on Cultr who also owns iDiski TV.
“iDiski TV makes from World Sports Betting and from YouTube money we easily make R400k to R500k per month because the deal alone with sports betting is R300k.
“When I’m breaking it down with the level of digital only we make maybe get around 40k on YouTube content alone. If we get over a million views a month.”
He says Mac G could easily make that money in a week,
He Explains: “So let’s say for argument sake he makes 60k per week so that’s 250k in a month right? Only on YouTube viewers. So, in a year that’s around maybe 3.5 million.”
One thing that’s important to keep in mind is that Mac G employs over 30k young people so most his YouTube earnings are used to create employment.
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Mac G Breaks Silence on Sol Joining Kaya FM
Podcast And Chill listeners have been divided ever since it was announced that Sol Phenduka will be joining Kaya FM.
Sol is co-hosting the breakfast show alongside Dineo Ranaka which was previously hosted by Thomas Msengana and Skhumba Hlope.

Under fire music manager Nota believes tat Sol going on mainstream media will sensor him and he’ll not be able to speak his mind like before.

Mac G made addressed this on his podcast.

“Jokes aside, when you told me about it I was like dude, there’s no way you can say no to this. This is an opportunity you grab with both hands. That is me speaking as a friend of yours. Someone who’s been in the trenches with you,” he said.

“I know how much this means to you. I know how much this means to the industry as a whole. I will never stand in front of your success. As people we need to grow.
“There’s two different hats. When I put on my podcast hat I’m like but Sol…We were brothers in arms fighting radio. It’s like me marrying an it girl now.”

Sol Phenduka explained that “It’s not even about radio.” He says It’s about being back on mainstream radio. 
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