Robert Marawa Is Thankful To Be Alive

He was transferred to the ICU

By  | Jun 15, 2021, 08:08 AM  | Robert Marawa  | Top of the

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Popular sports broadcaster Robert Marawa recently opened up to his fans about the main reason he has been away from his radio and television duties. Marawa revealed that he had contracted Covid19 and his situation worsened that he had to go see the doctor.

“It is with great gratitude that I still find myself alive and able to still address this personal matter publicly. As a broadcaster within the media space I wrestled with the thought of sharing this part of my journey publicly, however I also came to realise that my reality to help educate and perhaps even save someone’s life.” He said.

“I was recently diagnosed with positive with Covid-19 nd started strict self-isolation while not taking any medically prescribed pharmaceutical medication. What started out as the flu-like symptoms we’ve all been warned about, quickly led fulminant debilitating inexplicable fatigue without shortness of breath on day 8 of my diagnosis.”

Robert was advised by a medical professional to get a device to measure his pulse and blood oxygen which showed that his oxygen concentration had dropped. He was transferred to the hospital and ended up at the ICU for 1 week and another two days at the general award.

“A doctor friend advised me to get the electronic device that measures pulse and blood oxygen concentration. When oxygen concentration dropped to 92, hospital admission was arranged via X-ray to establish to establish lung condition. Chest x-ray showed extensive pneumonia. On further assessments, I was transferred to the ICU for high care, where I stayed for 1 week. I was observed in the general ward for a further 2 days before I was discharged to go home.” He added. 

In the statement issued by Orgella Communications, Marawa said that his situation would have been far worse had he not sought medical attention as soon as he did and encouraged everyone to seek medical attention.

“The Covid-19 pandemic is real and it’s something that my family and I have been dealing with. I, along with many South Africans have lost loved ones and ear colleagues to this virus and as I now make my way to full recovery, I would like to warn anyone out there who is still taking this global pandemic lightly,” warned the sports personality.

He also thanked healthcare and essential workers who are working tirelessly to help combat this virus.
Main Picture Credit: Robert Marawa Instagram Account @robert_marawa
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