Shauwn Broken Over PSL Snub

She says the male dominated industry is not easy

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Shauwn Mkhize once posted, “The only time a queen should ever look down is only to look at her shoes, always stand tall my queens!!!” She has since lived up to that quote and is still standing tall even after suffering a discouraging defeat over Sekhukhune United during the GladAfrica Championship.

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Royal AM's and Sekhukhune drew during their last game however Andile's Royal AM secured a point over Sekhukhune leading them to victory. Their one point lead automatically gained them access to the DSTV Premier Soccer League (PSL).

The drama which ensued after this match saw the PSL getting taken to court. The crowning of the winning team did not happen because of the lawsuit but now, the verdict was made.

Yesterday, Shauwn expressed disappointment when her soccer team Royal AM's got snubbed the title and losing their promotion to the PSL. She said this is a male dominated industry and it is not easy for her as a woman. She is however using the lemons thrown at her and will be making lemonade out of them, saying this loss will not deter her.

"What has happened to me yesterday it’s not new , Who said a male dominated territory was easy ? I am still standing tall and firm on my ground not shaken by it , thanking all those that send message of support I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart! To my enemies. You don’t kick a man when he is down

“DO not rejoice over me “
“When I fall , I will rise “
“When I sit in darkness the LORD will be the light to me. I have FAITH,"
she captioned a picture of her in lingerie.

In a previous post, Shauwn encouraged her son to stand tall seeing how he is the chairman of the team. "The time for the lioness to come out and roar has come, I am going to protect my precious cub @andilempisane10’s dreams. I can’t allow this to happen to you again, not under my watch I REFUSE!!!!! I am going to fight for what I believe is rightfully ours!!! Today I will not leave any stone unturned, I’m not going to give up without a fight.

"All eyes are on us to bring that cup to our SUPPORTERS. We are indeed going to raise the KZN flag high. The gloves are on, I took a ride in the DODGE to make sure my father drives with me and I felt his spirit. I’m ready to face anything that may come my way," she wrote.

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