Vusi Nova And Somizi Releasing A Collab

Somizi is making his comeback to music memorable

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Somgaga is set on making a huge come back to the music industry and fans are here for it! When he first announced to the public that he is going to be doing music again, he had already finished recording a song with his friend musical veteran Judith Sephuma.

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His decision to step into the music scene is proof that Somgaga is an all-round entertainer and always steps 'out of his comfort zone.' Recently his best friend Vusi Nova let the cat out of the bag when he announced that the duo will be releasing a song tomorrow, Thursday 3 December.

"Cat’s out the bag! My boy and I (are) releasing this Thursday... you were never ready!" he warned.

The two had hinted that they were cooking something in the studio but never really let it slip what exactly it was.

Nova then shared a snippet earlier on letting fans get a taste of what's to come and it is pure harmony. The two of them dedicate this song to mothers, beautiful!

"This song drops tomorrow featuring my mpinch’ yoyo mpinchi (friend) Somizi. Had so much fun recording this with you. How incredible does my friend sound guys?😊 Here’s to all the mothers out there," he wrote.

Music is not a new thing for Somgaga but the chills he got when recording the song with Judith Sephuma, was described as out of his comfort zone. A position he never put himself in through out his career.

"Yesterday this friend of mine Judith Sephuma put me out my comfort zone like I've never been put before in my entire career. She asked me to collaborate with her on a song for her upcoming album. Jesu (Jesus) my stomach was in knots all session. She was so patient and caring throughout and coaching me all the way."

People were a bit skeptical when they had made the announcement but when “Have yourself a merry little Christmas,” people ate their words.

If you listen to the song, Som Som did not really do that much. All Mr Mhlongo-Motaung did was hold a vibrato note. And Judith and her producer did not ask him to do more than that on the song.

Somizi, he revealed that the two of them were shooting a music video for the single. And the video Som-Gaga shared of the behind-the-scenes action, revealed a couple of interesting details that should be discussed before the watching the video in order to get the full effect. 

Somizi, revealed that the two of them were shooting a music video for the single "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas." Som-Gaga even shared the behind-the-scenes action from the shoot and it is definitely something to look forward to. 

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