Zodwa Lives Her Life To The Fullest

And she's unapologetic about it.

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Zodwa Wabantu-South African Celebrity
It was Pope John XXIII who stated that "people are like fine wine, some turn to vinegar but the best improve with age".

In more than one way, Zodwa's life has been a clear revelation of this saying and a true definition of how artists grow and develop as time goes by.

It's her birthday today and of course, we won't forget the eventful year she has had, below are some of her highlights of the past year.

Zodwa Flashes Her Goodies On Stage

Zodwa Wabantu wore a short, black see-through outfit and stripped off her underwear on stage, and swung it in the air during a performance. She regarded herself as a sincere and authentic person who believes that Zodwa Wabantu may be found in everyone. She also encouraged others to hire her for public appearances.

In another social media video from the same event, Zodwa can be seen slapping and cursing a partygoer. She ordered her bodyguards to remove him from the stage, humiliating him in front of the entire audience.

It's unclear what the perpetrator did, but it's possible he tried to grope Zodwa on stage or said something offensive. This has alarmed many of Zodwa's admirers, who are concerned about her safety when she dresses in her underwear in the sight of rapey individuals.

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Zodwa sexually assaulted

After a video of socialite Zodwa Wabantu being sexually attacked by a fan at a concert leaked, South Africans are concerned about her safety. A fan tried to press his finger on Zodwa's private part as she was performing next to the DJ. The bouncers stopped the male fan, and the Zodwa shoved him away and laughed about it. This has sparked worries on social media regarding the type of abuse the dancer frequently receives from fans when she performs.

On social media, Zodwa has yet to comment to the footage. Some people on social media are questioning whether she was sexually assaulted. Take a look at some of the responses below.

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Tira abandoned Zodwa

Afrotainment, DJ Tira's firm, signed the entrepreneur who earned a name for herself as an exotic dancer with the hopes of growing to greater heights. She'd host shows in revealing outfits while being coached by Tira.

However, Zodwa now wants to do her own thing since she has a significant following and commercial relationships, which means she will have to leave Afrotainment. DJ Tira only has good wishes for Zodwa.

"I'm a businesswoman, and Tira is a businessman. I couldn't work under anyone else any longer. "I had to make a business decision," she explained.

Zodwa said that Durban artists have the tendency of limiting themselves but she does not want to make that mistake. “Many artists from Durban are limiting themselves. They are only popular in Durban. I didn’t want to be like that. I wanted to spread my wings and build my brand.”

Zodwa's feud with Khanyi over Mandla

The exotic dancer loves to ruffle people's feathers, and she did that on Instagram when she mocked Khanyi Mbau. The singer teased another episode of her reality show 'Zodwa Uncensored' on social media, giving her followers something to look forward to. She reviewed her most suspenseful episode to date, which features Khanyi Mbau.

She discusses the episode in the clip, which revealed some fascinating insights concerning Zodwa and Khanyi's dispute. Khanyi's encounter showed that her ex-husband and baby daddy, Mandla Mthembu, had cheated on her with the controversial dancer while they were married. During their dispute, Khanyi "gaslights" Zodwa, convincing her that she is suffering from a disease and that sleeping with a married man will spread the ailment to her.

Despite the fact that they never specified what they meant by "sickness," many people assumed they were referring to HIV. Regardless of the fact that HIV is the most commonly feared sexually transmitted illness, Zodwa's decision to take an HIV test in front of the entire country was proof enough.

"Zodwa Wabantu simply Eat ARV's, Uphume Ezindabeni Zabantu (mind your own business.)" Zodwa joked in the captions of the video about eating her ARVs.
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