Is Zodwa Wabantu Really Checking Herself In At Rehab?

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Do you guys remember when Zodwa Wabantu said she was checking herself into a rehab centre? Well, that was in May and we are not entirely sure whether she finished her program that time or she simply bowed out before she could finish.

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One thing that seems evident though is that she is promoting this rehab centre and sis is definitely getting her coins. The question though is, is Zodwa really going to rehab? 

The socialite once again announced on her Instagram page this morning that she has checked herself into a rehab centre. This post follows after an intense weekend of partying made evident by the snaps she shared on Instagram just before the rehab check-in. 

Zodwa seemed like she had just walked out of some club’s door (which makes us wonder which club is Zodwa supporting that is open when the clubs are supposed to be closed?) barefoot with her usual clubbing attire. 

Addressing her second attempt at rehab, she said, “…I know I can decide as many times as I want but the truth is I am responsible for my health, my alcoholism and my drug addiction so I will always be welcomed as many times as I have made many mistakes as I want. I am allowed, so I am back at Africa Rehabilitation Centre with my bag since we are on lockdown, I am taking this opportunity to look after my demons”

Zodwa said is going to be attending rehab for as long as she needs to be, “…we are ready, I am here to stay.” 

She then says that she has got to do this because “we are drunkards, we are drug addicts and no one says it…everyone drinks but they don’t know if it is a problem so I Zodwa Wabantu, I stand for the truth no matter how bad it looks or how it feels to society or communities…our youth Is dying, our youth is confused. I don’t know where the problem comes from but it is not about some other people’s problems, it is about me so I am here to get help about my alcoholism. I am here to get help with my drug addiction. There’s no better way to do it than the Zodwa Wabantu way, sexy with problems”

Zodwa was praised for once again taking this leap of faith and taking care of her health. 

Refilwe Modiselle said, “Sis wam why lobaba angakupathisanga ibag (why did that man not help you with the bag), Hao a gentleman must carry your bag up the stairs. I know uyisterring but not nge luggage bag @zodwalibram. Jokes aside thank you for being an intervener. People need to hear it's ok to face their problems. No one is perfect 

@ladyliz_k said, “So proud of you Zodwa ❤May God grant you the strength to overcome this” 

@thamsanqa_zn said, “drugs and alcohol abuse is a serious problem, it severely affects families” 

Some of Zodwa’s followers were not buying what she was selling, these were some of their reactions: 

@angzelangawena said, “After that video, take your empty suitcase and go home Zodwa” 

@melishakendra said, “That suitcase is empty. Stop promoting drugs and alcohol to the youth. May fire from the skies fall on you” 

@simphiweotto said, “Super staged…but we get the message you're trying to send across…Also, I am sure this is a paid post, but it’s all good” 

Is Zodwa really attending rehab or she is using her influence to get the youth to change their ways and attend rehab? Whatever it is, we love it. 

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