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They have pending lawsuits

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Social media has made people think there are no boundaries to be crossed, thinking they are easily accessible to other strangers. Celebrities are always the ones who are easy targets because of their social statuses.

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These celebs though, have made an example out of internet trolls and took the legal route to settle disputes. 

We take a look at this year's pending lawsuits and who they affect.

Bonang Matheba vs Rea Gopane 

Media personality Bonang Matheba is likely to become R500 000 richer if things go her way. The New Yorker sued YouTuber Rae Gopane for defaming her character after he made allegations that Bonang introduced AKA to drugs whilst they were an item.

He insinuated that the same drugs she got AKA on are the reason for Anele Tembe's demise. Such a horrible allegation! Bonang through her lawyers, rubbished these claims, labeling them "false, derogatory and hurtful".

Bonang wasted no time to clear her name and served Rea with a cease and desist letter which demanded an apology on all social media platforms and for him to pay her R500K.

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Black Coffee vs Nota Baloyi 

When it comes to his private life, Black Coffee does not play. His family, marriage and disability are all off limits for the DJ and he has made an example out of Nota Baloyi - who in this case is the troll.

Nota has said some pretty harsh things about everyone and Black Coffee is not immune to his wrath. He's like the male version of Ntsiki Mazwai as they both have a no barred hold approach to anything and everybody.

Nota accused Black Coffee of sending police to harass him after they had a disagreement recently. He got beaten and jailed and he started pointing fingers saying Black Coffee has the influence to pull off such. He also accused him of abusing his wife Enhle Mbali.

Coffee then sent him a cease and desist letter demanding a retraction from him.

DJ Dimplez vs Mamdiarah "Kinky" Diakoumpa

Hip Hop star DJ Dimplez found himself at the centre of a sex scandal after he allegedly got raped by a one night sand. Kinky claimed that on that night they did not use condoms, which eventually lead to her being apparently pregnant.

She admitted to sleeping with a drunk man who did not even know his name which in SA is called rape.

Dimplez has since opened a case of rape against her and issued a statement, "I have noticed the various social media posts and allegations by Ms. Mamdiarah "Kinky" Diakoumpa. On the advice of my legal representatives, I wish to not address the matter nay further, on social media or any other public platform. Nor am I at liberty to do so, as the matter is before the relevant authorities."

AKA vs Nota Baloyi

AKA is tired of the allegations that he had something to do with the death of his late fiancรฉ Anele Tembe. Without using so many words, Nota also insinuated that AKA had to com clean and also blamed him of using drugs as well.

"The man needs fixing because he is in denial about a lot of things but I would have preferred him to own his bullying of his wife, his substance abuse and his rushing into a relationship soon after his previous break ups. I am praying for him to find God and rely only on him!" said Nota in a tweet.

AKA's legal team issued a letter to Nota informing him to retract his statements and Mega also demanded R500 000 payment for damages.
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