#AmaBishop: Makamu Comes Clean

The alleged victim is suicidal

By  | May 24, 2021, 09:22 AM  | Bishop Israel Makamu   | Drama

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Last night's episode of AmaBishop sparked a huge debate on how church leaders allegedly abuse their powers to get their way. Revered Bishop Makamu was in the hot seat but his interview on the show had Mzansi wishing he never decided to do it in the first place.

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Viewers of the show AmaBishop poked holes in Bishop Makamu's explanation of the incident. The respected leader of Endless Hope Bible church has been in the center of a sex scandal where a clip of him supposedly asking for sexual favours went viral. He refuted such claims then and he did so again on last night's episode where he said he was merely asking for church keys.

The panelists were divided about the incident with half the pastors taking his side and the other questioning him and how he leads his church. Firstly the church panel find it weird that congregants have resorted to calling pastors "daddy". In that same clip, the 17 year old school girl was heard referring to Bishop as 'daddy'.

Defending himself Bishop says he was asking for his church keys and the reason why he asked the girl if she was alone was because it would not look good for a church elder to walk into a school girls room alone, at night.

Many argued that he could have simply asked the girl to wait for him at the gate with the church keys if indeed his intentions weren't sinister.

On the issue that Makamu and his wife Lady Bishop H. Makamu, offered the family R1 million to make the story go away, he laughed at such claims saying there is no way he could have afforded a million in 2018. In addition to that, he does not think that the clip is worth a million as there is no scandal here.

Instead, Makamu says it was the father who wanted to milk money from him by trying to bribe him, but he refused.

After his segment was done, the now 21-year-old's father spoke with the host Nimrod Nkosi and revealed that his daughter's mental health has been hindered. He even claims that his daughter, Makamu's alleged victim, is suicidal as she tried to commit suicide last year by overdosing in pills.

The channel, MojaLove promised to offer medical services to the family so the doctors can place her under suicide watch.

On how the clip went viral, the father says he does not know how it got leaked but admitted that he sent it to a popular radio station so they could investigate.

The episode trended a few minutes after it aired and still is now. Mzansi is enraged at how the pastors have each other's backs even though they fail to show a united front on the show.

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