Andile Jali's Love Affair Exposed

The secret is finally out

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The cat is finally out of the bag. It seems like soccer star Andile Jali and Reality TV star and businesswoman Brinnette Seopela are officially a couple. Last year Andile denied having a romantic relationship with the reality TV star saying they are just friends.

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However, Sunday World has revealed that Andile has “dribbled his way to Brinnette’s heart” and they are staying together.

“He found comfort in the loving hands of Brinnette who at that time had also separated from her husband Themba Gezane,” said the publication's mole.

“Andile has been literally living in Brinnette’s house in Olievdale, north of Joburg, and they are not hiding their romance anymore,”

Last year Andile confirmed to Isolezwe that he is no longer with Diski Divas’ star Nonhle Ndala.
"My wife and I are still married but we are no longer together," he told the publication.

An anonymous source also told the publication that Andile was tired of Nonhle’s behavior.
"Andile's problem is that Nonhle does not respect him and she looks down on him. She forgets that the success of her catering company and the tenders she gets awarded are a result of her status as 'Andile Jali's wife'. Andile is tired of her behavior and even regrets marrying her," said the source.

Well speaking of Nonhle’s disrespect, remember when she publicly called Andile a skroplaap?

In an Instagram Live Video Nonhle said: "If you are looking at me with my cornrows and you want to come here with your Peruvian weave, trying to eat my man's money and trying to eat my school fees' money you must know that I'm the head office. I control all his money and I control all his bank cards. When I found this man he was nothing but a skroplaap (a dirty towel used to mop the floor) and I turned him into a normal washcloth so watch yourself"

However, Nonhle later apologized for the video saying she was just joking and she never intended to hurt anyone.

“I’d like to apologise to the father of my children for the live video that has gone viral that was recorded in his presence, jokingly so. Those that were part of the live [video] can attest that I was playing and he was having a good laugh. It was just having harmless fun. I do agree that it was in poor taste and not well received by the masses.”

She added: “I apologise to those that were offended by it, it was not my intention. What was said in the video was not a true reflection of events. He also jokingly says the same and we just tease each other about it. I did different videos about different subjects for humour and unfortunately, it wasn’t well received. Apologies to my family, apologies to my followers; this will never happen again.”

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