Finding Bongani: Who Killed Brenda?

"Who gave the decision to switch off the machines?"

By  | Jul 04, 2021, 11:45 AM  | Bongani Fassie  | Drama

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Last night's episode of Finding Bongani once again dropped a lot of bombs on us.

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Brenda Fassie's son, Bongani Fassie visited his family in the mother city. We saw how good he is with people and what happens when he goes to visit a place where he grew up in.

Upon arrival, Bongani found his mom's sister Lindiwe Fassie in a very sickly state that she started crying because of joy. It was an amazing moment.

Lindiwe however passed on in May of this year at the age of 59 following years of being sick.

The people he grew up with welcomed him with open arms and it was a joyous celebration. Bongani's mom Lindi even said that it felt like it was Christmas Day. The elders were however wondering where these people come from as they never come to visit or even chill with them on a normal day but they soon realised that it's because Bongani was home and whenever he comes there, it is a party.

We saw Bongani drinking beer that everyone drinks ekasi, he did not come with his own to portray that he has money and that he is better than them. We would not be surprised if he was the one that actually bought the alcohol because he a G like that.

At some point, we were worried because it seemed like Bongani was touchy with other women and some were too close to him. We understand, it's the Kasi way and there's nothing there, they were just chilling. But had Buhle showed up, that chilling session was going to go up in flames considering that they had just fought.

A hilarious thing that had his elders finished with laughter was that because he chose to sleep home, the bed bugs got him. It was a funny discussion, to say the least. Bongani even asked wondered why he had not booked into a hotel than be subjected to the bed bugs, It was hilarious.

The Fassie family decided to visit those that have departed and surprisingly, it looked like three family members were buried in the same grave. The tombstone had three names on it, the latest one being Bongani's mother Brenda who died in 2004.

Twitter was up in stitches after Bongani addressed the departed ones in English.

Things quickly took a dramatic after going to the graveyard, Bongani alleged that his mom did not die a natural death. The machines were switched off and Bongani wanted to know who decided to do that.
The question remains. We are so proud of the strides that Bongani has made to rectify mistakes of the past. He is trying by all means to revive his mother’s legacy. We can only hope that at the end of this, Bongani will be getting all the deals he has been working so hard to get and that doors will be officially open. 
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