Cassper Allegedly To Be Slapped With A Lawsuit

The car rentals page won't back down

By  | Jan 12, 2022, 11:42 AM  | Cassper Nyovest  | Drama

Image of Cassper Nyovest
Remember Cassper Nyovest’s saga with his McLaren GT car? Well, it is yet to end, as now the car rentals page has threatened to slap him with a lawsuit to compel him to return it. 
Okay so catch up. Cassper went online to share his excitement about having bought one of the most expensive cars available in Mzansi, the McLaren GT. He copped it for himself on his birthday, to celebrate how far he has come in his music journey, and partly, because he can afford it, so why not?

But Mzansi was ready to rain on his parade, as the rapper often faces a lot of hate online for some unknown reason. As tweeps hated on the move, they got their fodder when it was alleged that he had rented the car, not bought it as he claimed 
Cass clapped back, saying that those perpetuating the rumours were only jealous of him, and it pained them to see a young Black man making big money moves. He dismissed the claims and moved on. 

The horizon was calm, until an Instagram page called Luxurious Car Rentals recently shared a picture of the McLaren, saying that Cass had rented it from them on the long term rental option. Of course, Mzansi jumped at the story, and dragged Cass five ways to Sunday, since they finally got “proof” that he had been lying.

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But the rapper quickly put a hole in the theory, noting that the page was only a week old at the time they mentioned him. He said the page was obviously fake, and anybody with half a brain would see through the blatant attempt to either embarrass him or use his name to chase clout. 

Now the page has doubled down on their demands. They recently went on their Instagram stories to say that Cass had refused to return the car, even though his rental window was running out. They asked him to bring it back soon, or they would be forced to get their lawyers to sue him. 
Cassper has once again laughed off the posts, wondering why fans are so eager to believe the page over him. He thinks it makes zero sense that the car rentals, if they are indeed where he rented the car from, would need to involve their lawyers to pick up a car that he willingly rented from him. 
If this is clout chasing by the Instagram page, it’s a rather weird strategy. We get that mentioning Cassper’s name automatically attracts a great response, but isn’t it going a bit far to threaten legal action when you know you are lying?
On the other hand, if the page could threaten legal action, why hasn’t Cass done the same? It seems like a pretty straightforward way to handle the whole drama, but Cass instead goes back and forth with them online, when it is his reputation that’s taking a hit because of their “lies”. Is there something he’s hiding? It all seems like the weirdest drama ever, but I guess we will wait to see how it all plays out. 

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