Euphonik Dragged For Using Suggestive Words After Rape Scandal

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By  | Feb 24, 2021, 11:52 AM  | DJ Euphonik  | Drama

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Euphonik has come under fire after he congratulated popular podcaster Mac G on his latest win. For a person who was embroiled in a rape scandal, tweeps felt as though his comments were a low blow and disrespectful as it was too soon.

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Whether the rape incident did occur or not, it is deemed insensitive by a lot of people to make fun of the alleged victim. Especially when living in a country where rape incidences are not taken seriously by authorities. The controversial radio DJ took to Twitter to join the legions of supporters who congratulated MacG on scoring a major sponsor after losing Old Mutual.

Entertainment commentator Phil Mphela reported that Mac G gained a significant number of subscribers after cancel culture vultures attacked him for his homophobic comments. That episode saw even Old Mutual as one of his sponsors dumping him.

But the light at the end of the tunnel saw Mac G's podcast gaining even more support from people as well as sponsors. Studio 88 came through for Podcast and Chill with Mac G by becoming one of his sponsors.

"Mac G scores new deal & his channel numbers soar. The Mac G Podcast has nabbed Studio 88 as a new partner. His channel is getting 600 average daily subs & got a 30 day boost of 19k new subs. His biggest day was Feb 9th, where he earned over 4000 new subs," announced Phil.

“Smash them @MacGUnleashed! SMASH THEM,” commented Euphonik however the attention was diverted to him and his abusive past, with tweeps calling him to order.

His usage of the word 'smash' did not sound right because he was accused of rape. "Smash them coming from you just doesn't sound right...There's just something (off) about it.... Congrats was a better word," a tweep said.

Another wrote, "Ai mara Euphonik, "smash them" you might mean well but bro come on...not you at least not now."

Agreeing with the rest, a disapproving tweep said, "Stay away from words like smash."

Whilst some like Euphonik are happy for the podcaster, many are up in arms waiting to boycott Studio 88. To refresh your memory, MacG offended the LGBTQI community with his his "shemale" comment. The episode featured the podcaster, Sol Phenduka, and Ghost Lady and together talked about the past week's trending topics including, Somizi's alleged rocky marriage drama, the SAFTA's, and Siv Ngesi transformation into drag.

What angered many was their deliberate disrespect to the community by joking about transgender people and their body parts. Cringing derogatory words used in the episode such as "shemale", and "women with d*ck", have irked many. The uproar lead to his podcast losing out on a big sponsor, Old Mutual.

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