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Zalebs who have been slapped with a lawsuit

By  | Jan 17, 2022, 11:38 AM  | Jub Jub  | Drama

Jub Jub/ Inno Morolong
Many of our favourite Zalebs are always making headlines for their juicy scandals that always set tongues wagging. These feuds always end up with most, if not all, of these celebs being served with lawsuits

Here is a list of Zalebs who have run into lawsuits at one time in their career. 

Jub Jub

To start off the list is the Uyajola 9/9 TV presenter who as you know, was in some very deep trouble not too long ago after he was accused of allegedly raping not one, but several women.

After going on the podcast and chill show with MacG, Jub Jub’s revelation had opened a can of worms revealing more than he should have and in turn, defaming Amanda while he was at it. Amanda decided to take legal action against him, a case that was won in her favour.

Amanda Du Pont

This was one of the biggest scandals that rocked 2021 to it’s core with lawsuits being thrown left right and centre. If you can remember, immediately after Jub Jub’s episode of the podcast and chill show, Amanda had taken to her Instagram with a video that explained everything that had happened between her and Jub Jub.

It was in the video that Amanda had mentioned that she had been allegedly raped and this news was not all too pleasing to Jub Jub’s mother Mama Jackie who went on to sue Amanda. She demanded that the video be pulled down, for Amanda to apologize and retract everything she had said on the video. 

That lawsuit of course also fell on deaf ears with the court dismissing the case altogether.

Inno Morolong

Yet another drama that topped trends not too long ago between Gigi Lamayne and Inno Morolong. Gigi supposedly followed Inno's bae Femi Large on Instagram and this got Inno fuming, which fueled their internet feud.

The rapper went on to launch a lawsuit against her in an attempt to teach her a lesson in reaction to her slanderous words, after Inno decided to make some defamatory comments after the whole incident.


The Ghanama hitmaker cannot miss on this list. At least not after that one incident that occurred between her and former manager Rita Dee.

Their drama began when Makhadzi took to Twitter to blast her ex-manager for unpaid royalties which of course did not look good on Rita’s career. What followed was a defamation of character lawsuit from Rita who said she wanted nothing at all to do with Makhadzi.

This was one messy public fallout.

Pearl Modiadie

I know you are probably thinking how this is such an unlikely name to be on the list but believe it or not, the former Zaziwa presenter has been slapped with a lawsuit before.

It all started when her former manager at Metro FM made some comments about her body that had sexist undertones. Pearl fronted a sexual harrasment complaint that was swept under the rug and this led her to sue the whole radio station. 

While the case was still ongoing, her former manager Mr Soglo, who was said to have been the main culprit hit her with a countersuit, claiming that her accusations had caused him loss of income as well as defamation of character. T for tough!

Cassper Nyovest

Ever since Cassper bought his pricey McLaren all the haters seem to be on his neck saying that he doesn’t really own it as he had made all of Mzansi believe. Just recently, a car rental page on Instagram decided to expose Cass, saying that he had rented the car from them which of course raised a lot of eyebrows.

Cass quickly shut down the allegations claiming that the page was a few days old which could only mean that it was fake. To think that the whole feud would end there, the car rental company decided that they will not let it slide. 

Taking to their Instagram stories they threatened to slap Cass with a lawsuit if he did not return the McLaren at the agreed upon time. Talk about drama.

Well then, there you have it. It may have ended well for some however the drama continues for others and we can only hope that they will be able to resolve their feuds in a much sober and agreeable way.

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