Pearl Modiadie Faces R1Million Claim From Metro FM Manager

No one saw this coming

By  | Nov 23, 2021, 07:31 AM  | Pearl Modiadie  | Drama

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Not so long ago, radio presenter and media personality Pearl Modiadie shook the internet when she revealed that her former employer Metro FM had dismissed her sexual harassment complaint from her former manager, Anthony Soglo.

According to the radio presenter, Soglo had written her an email that had sexual harassment overtones and when she took to raise it up with the management, the issue was simply swept under the rug, something she said she felt was unfair and very disorienting for her.

Speaking to Sunday World, Pearl said, โ€œMore than once, reference was made about my body shape and how โ€˜sexy it isโ€™. Uncomfortable sexual innuendos were thrown around during conversations, even in the presence of my now former colleagues.โ€ Following the incident, Pearl Modiadie took to court to sue the radio station, making a claim of R3.5million against SABC. 

The case that has since been in court has had many wondering whether or not Pearl Modiaidie will get the justice she had sought for. However, what has now come as a shock to many was when City Press reported that Pearlโ€™s former manager, Anthony Soglo is now demanding R1 Million.

The reason, he says, is because the lawsuit has caused him loss of income as well as damage to his reputation. According to Soglo, once he realized that his remarks were offending and demeaning to Pearl Modiadie he apologised and thus the issue did not require to be taken to court. 

The case is now raising eyebrows of many in Mzansi with tweeps questioning whether the sexual harassment claims were misguided and whether Pearl was simply out to get her former colleague. For others, they still believe that where there is smoke, there is fire, and for that Pearlโ€™s accusation did not really stem up from nowhere.

This comes barely a few days after yet another Zaleb was put on the spotlight for an almost similar situation. Radio presenter Unathi Nkayi was dragged by tweeps after it was learnt that she had falsely accused her former colleague Sizwe Dhlomo for verbally insulting her at her previous job.

Tweeps are still enraged as to why Unathi had to exaggerate the whole situation especially because evidence was produced to confirm that Sizwe never did insult her at any time during their altercation.

Pearl is yet to make any public statements to address Sogloโ€™s demands but it is clear that this war is one they will be having for a long time. Still fans continue to rally behind her in support and solidarity with the hope that the truth will come out and that justice will be served.

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