Big Zulu To Fight King Monada In March

This should be an interesting match

By  | Dec 24, 2021, 01:06 PM  | King Monada  | Drama

King Monada and Big Zulu
Boxing matches are the latest trend that has swept the nation. Now, it has been announced that King Monada is scheduled to fight Big Zulu next year, and Mzansi couldn’t be more tickled and excited. 

Cassper Nyovest started a big wave in Mzansi with the fight between him and YouTuber Slik Talk, known for trash talking celebrities. As the country stood still to witness Cass defend his honour, there was a palpable excitement around the concept of celebrity fights. 

As the match ended and Cass emerged victorious, the event captured the imagination of many across the country, as they saw the possibility of having celebrities resolve their beef in the boxing ring. Many felt like it is a much more effective way of getting beefing ZAlebs to respect each other, as was witnessed between the two pioneers, than having them throw verbal shade at each other for months or years. 

Naturally, the internet exploded with tweeps suggesting pairs that they would want to see fighting. King Monada’s name came up a few times with different opponents, including comedian Lasizwe Dambuza and rapper Big Zulu. 

Now it seems that King Monada and Big Zulu have decided to give the people what they want, as they have released a poster indicating that they will have their go at each other in March next year. 
Although more details are yet to be issued on the fight, Mzansi is already pretty excited for the match. It may have to do with the fact that they look like a very mismatched pair, going only by body build.

Many have already asked King Monada to stop it and give up in advance. They believe that Big Zulu will certainly end him, and he should back out before it’s too late. 

But others think that body size alone cannot be the determinant of who will win the fight. In fact, they are advising King Monada to stand his ground and get sufficiently prepared for the match. After all, Cassper was also told he could never beat Slik Talk because of body sizes, but he didn’t listen, and went ahead to put all the haters to shame. 

By the time the boxing excitement dies down, at least for the year, there is bound to be a long line of celebrities to fight in the new year. Perhaps it is time to compile a list of all those whom Mzansi would want to see in the ring. You know, just so we can all keep track. After all, as Cassper shared, the concept has already been picked up by multiple big brands, and he is already in talks to figure out where to take it next. 

For now, we wait for further updates on this interesting pairing. It would be a very pleasant surprise for all of Mzansi if King Monada emerges the victor in the match. Can you imagine!

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