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Celebrities who have gotten cancelled on social media

By  | Jan 29, 2022, 02:50 PM  | Lady Zamar  | Drama

MacG/Uncle Waffles
There is no denying that Mzansi has witnessed some of the messiest feuds and twars between our Zalebs that always set tongues wagging. It is during these times that we have always witnessed some of our favourite Zalebs get cancelled for one reason or another.

So just in case you may have forgotten how it went down for them, we have put together a list of Zalebs that have at one time landed on Mzansi’s wrong side.

Prince Kaybee

The acclaimed artist and producer is one that Mzansi loves to hate on. Time and time again, his music has been put on the spotlight with many saying that he has lost relevance and that he should just quit altogether.
Not too long ago, fans demanded that Kaybee switch to Amapiano, which he strongly said no to. We are not sure if this is when it all started, but one thing is for sure, Mzansi has simply cancelled him since then. 

Kaybee talked about how it felt to be cancelled and fans have been showing up for him, pledging their support no matter which genre he decided to stick to.


It is impossible to count the number of times MacG has been cancelled on social media. Especially because of his controversial podcast, Podcast and Chill. On his show, MacG invites various celebrities and asks them questions that well, many would be scared to ask.

The most recent incident that landed him in hot soup was after he interviewed Uyajola 9/9 presenter, Jub Jub. In his interview, Jub Jub confessed to some pretty scary stuff that also equally landed him in trouble. 

Chillers were upset to learn that because of the episode, MacG was being accused of promoting content that is degrading and disrespectful to women. Talk about drama!

Uncle Waffles

Ever since her rise to stardom, this female deejay has had to endure quite the backlash from Black Twitter. This is mostly because of Young Stunna’s hit Adiwele, which fans say was her key to fame.

Just recently, after she landed a Ministry of Sound gig in the UK, trolls ensured that she remembered that she was nothing without the Adiwele hit song. Many still don’t understand why she is even famous in the first place but that has not stopped her from bagging win after win and we couldn’t be more proud and happy for her.

Lady Zamar

You probably already know how it all began for Lady Zamar but allow me to refresh your memory. Remember what happened between her and her ex Sjava? Well, it was during their fallout that the artist accused Sjava of allegdly raping her.

Her allegations of course, were not received so kindly by Sjava himself and Mzansi either. And after it was realized that she may have been lying just so she could allegedly bring down Sjava, that is when Mzansi decided that it was time for her to go. 

And up until now, sis is paying dearly.

DJ Fresh

If you can recall, it was not that long ago when DJ Fresh and Euphonik landed in big trouble after being accused of allegedly raping a woman. And as if that is not enough, barely weeks after the accuser had come forward to reveal what had happened to her, yet another victim came forward saying that she too had allegedly been raped by DJ Fresh.

To think that Mzansi was still recovering from the very first case, more salt was added to the injury and just like that DJ Fresh was cancelled. Every time he came online to tweet or just share anything on social media, tweeps made sure that he knows that they have not forgotten his past mistakes. Hectic! 

Pearl Thusi

Not too long ago, Pearl had to be on the receiving end of Twitter's unending rage. This was after she posted a photo of her kneeling down and hugging Noxolo Groootboom, who was making her exit from TV.

And while Pearl was not the only media personality to take to her social media to celebrate Noxolo for her success in the media industry, it seems that black Twitter were ready to cancel her for being a hypocrite and pretending to be so indebted to Noxolo. Crazy right? 

The actress made things worse for herself when she shared a video on her Instagram crying to see Noxolo exit as a news presenter. It is still not clear why tweeps decided to cancel her out of the blue but knowing Pearl, she didn’t let it get to her.


Natasha Thahane

This actress is yet another zaleb who has had countless drama on social media. Her most recent drama happened immediately after her episode on the podcast and chill show with MacG. Yes, that same old podcast.

During this particular episode, Natasha was on set and was asked about her time studying abroad, admitting that she had attained hundreds of thousands of rands to go study abroad. If you recall, the actress had mentioned that the money was obtained from Baleka Mbete and the Department of Arts and Culture. 

Oof! Talk about drama. Tweeps decided that they would not let it rest and literally dragged her all the way to Timbuktu. She was quite frankly cancelled on the spot, that both she and Baleka had to both later clarify on the whole situation. 

Jub Jub

Yes, this list was not going to be complete without Jub Jub. His scandal was one that rocked Mzansi to its core. After being accused of allagedly raping not one but three women, let’s just say that it was the beginning of the end for him.

And while his loyal fans still showed up for him and rubbished all the claims that were being made against him, Mzansi simply couldn’t take it. And as we already know, if there is one thing Black Twitter has trouble doing, it’s forgiving and forgetting. 

If there is one thing we have learnt Mzansi in general, it’s that it does not matter who you are, they will bring you to your knees if you end up ruffling the wrong feathers, and these Zalebs are a good example of exactly that.

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