MacG Defends Mlindo The Vocalist

He confronted Nyiko for exploiting him

By  | Feb 08, 2022, 10:11 AM  | Mlindo The Vocalist  | Drama

Mlindo the Vocalist/MacG
The third party in the beef between Mlindo the Vocalist and DJ Maphorisa, Nyiko the Great, recently weighed in on it and blamed Phori, but now MacG has stopped him in his tracks.

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There has been a long ongoing beef between Mlindo the Vocalist and DJ Maphorisa, in which Phori accused Mlindo of backstabbing him, while Mlindo’s manager accused the DJ of exploiting him. Nyiko the Great, who manages the singer, went on record with Daily Sun in an interview. He called Phori childish and accused him of spreading a lot of lies in his statement. He even threatened to expose his dirty laundry. 
He also denied the implications that Maphorisa is the one who discovered him and put him on. He said he was already established and had money when he met Mlindo. “When I managed Mlindo I had already established myself as an artist. I had already worked with big artists,” he explained.

But the saga is yet to die down, as it keeps getting fueled by the parties involved. Nyiko the Great recently went on Podcast and Chill with MacG. The podcast provides celebrities with an excellent platform to tell their side of the story on many different issues, and has often been hailed as where the truth about celebs comes out. 

Nyiko went on to talk about Mlindo, once again pinning the blame squarely on DJ Maphorisa and his label, Blaqboy Music. He called Phori’s Facebook rant a publicity stunt, and accused him of being an opportunist. 

However, he went on to implicate himself in the same kind of exploitation for which he was blaming Phori. But MacG would not let him get away with it, and called him out on the spot. He told him that he was doing the exact same thing to Mlindo that Blaqboy did to him, which is to exploit him and give him nothing. 
Social media has been excited with the interview since it dropped. They have applauded MacG for being a straight shooter, and for not sitting by and letting Nyiko blow his own trumpet without calling him out on his hypocrisy. They have also laughed at Nyiko for thinking that MacG would sanitise him with no consequences. 
MacG is famous for getting celebrities, especially those caught up in controversies, to relax enough to open up to him. He then pulls them into a false security, so that they spill their own secrets in front of the whole nation. Natasha Thahane is yet to recover from her interview on the podcast in which she implicated herself and a few government officials in a R1 Million scandal. 
Now fans are calling for Mlindo to give his own side of the story, as it seems that everybody is acting like they know better than he does. But he is yet to respond to all this. 

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