Mlindo The Vocalist's Manager Finally Speaks Out

He exposes DJ Maphorisa

By  | Feb 04, 2022, 07:29 PM  | Mlindo The Vocalist  | Drama

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Mlindo The Vocalist's manager Nyiko The Great has finally broken his silence following DJ Maphorisa's Facebook rant about how he was backstabbed by the pair.

Earlier this week, Nyiko threatened to expose Maphorisa. He told Daily Sun that Maphorisa lied on his Facebook post adding, "He has started a big fight and he’s going to lose because he’s not being honest. We’ll expose his shenanigans and he’s not going to like it.” 

Today Nyiko finally exposed Maphorisa's shenanigans. He told the publication that he did not want to entertain Phori but he feels obliged to defend himself. 

"Maphorisa neglected Mlindo for two years. He forced Mlindo to do amapiano and when he refused, Maphorisa threatened to dump him. There was a huge fight and as Mlindo’s manager, I needed to step in and save his career,” Nyiko told Daily Sun.

He also told the paper that DJ Maphorisa never showed Mlindo any support. He added that the DJ did not contribute to Mlindo's success. “When Mlindo bought his mother a house, Maphorisa was not there. When Mlindo had two car accidents in 2020, Maphorisa was not there. 

"He was nowhere to be found. He ran away from problems and I had to step up for Mlindo. Today, Mlindo is the number one best-selling artist in SA. This was a team effort and Maphorisa was not part of it,” he told the publication.

On his lengthy Facebook post a few days ago, DJ Maphorisa revealed that Mlindo The Vocalist has asked to return to his BlaqBoy Music, also claiming that they are working on a new project together. He added, "...But contractually he is still my artist, I still love him, he's my boy, and all make mistakes n yes we gonna make the next project. "

But Howard Gomba who works with Nyiko and Mlindo has rubbished Maphoris's claims.

"Mlindo wants to come back to BlaqBoy? He said he didn’t want to be under you anymore because you are persuading him to do Amapiano and collaborate with your other artists, which he’s not comfortable doing – hence you left him and did not care about him for two years,” he responded on Phori's post.

Howard added that people need to know what really went down between Phori and Mlindo. He continued, “You appointed Nyiko as Mlindo’s road manager, right? Who was Mlindo’s DJ? Who took him to gigs? Who was managing him? Who was taking care of his family? Who was always encouraging and advising him about starting businesses? Who was always there when the young man got involved in car accidents? People deserve to know the truth.”

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