"I Got The Shock Of My Life "

Norma's dreadful time in prison

By  | Apr 01, 2021, 11:40 AM  | Norma Gigaba  | Drama

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Norma Mngoma has spoken up, she penned a lengthy heartfelt post explaining the series of events that happened while she was still married to her ex-husband former finance minister Melusi Gigaba.

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 In her three-part Instagram series, Norma spoke first about the day that her ex-husband got her arrested.

Part1...This pic was taken last month in court, on this day I was so emotional, I couldn’t hold my tears. I was asking myself how did we get here, I saw my legal team working so hard fighting for me, tears ran down on my face, for few minutes my mind went back to the day I got arrested,” she wrote.

She said on the day of her arrest she was busy typing her assignments, her ex-husband was also helping her type when the Hawks arrived at her house again. They had come before then and took all her gadgets. She said she thought they had come to bring back her gadgets but they told her she was under arrest and gave her only 5 minutes to get ready to leave.

“I went to my ex-husband I said these people are arresting me he said no ways how, he is coming with me, we all did a convoy to the police station, I was with the ladies, male behind and he was following us. When we got there I was taken to the cell room. The statement was taken, the hawks left with the dockets. My Lawyer & my friend tried everything they can to take me out but it all failed because the hawks were not answering their phones.”

She spent a night at the holding cells, She said her ex-husband came the next morning to see her.
 “In the morning he came but he was not allowed to see me, my Lawyer came around 11, he pulled all the strings with my friend finally the hawks were forced to bring back the docket & I was granted a bail, I got the shock of my life that my ex-husband is the one who got me arrested,” wrote Norma.

She furthermore stated that the prosecutor told her that she was not allowed to go home, she was told to go with a friend until she appears in court which was on the next Monday.
 “Even today I still so many questions but will ask them one day. In few weeks I heard about my divorce from the Sunday world first and I wanted to challenge that and a month later it came, I knew that I was facing war and I quickly prepared myself for it. It has been a long journey, so emotional, painful, and draining but here I am strong than I was before.”
In the last part of her series, Norma speaks about the betrayal that she suffered from her ex-husband. She said she never thought “love can turn into hate and betrayal.” 

She wrote: “The saddest part about this I have never thought that love can turn into hate and betrayal like this, someone that I supported and gave him my life even when he didn’t deserve my loyalty, when city press said I was part of his conspiracy to murder, I was shuttered and he knows I will never try to kill him. He has done so many things of what the public know is a drop of water and you think is a lot."

She said she has chosen to forgive him as part of her healing and for the sake of her kids. Norma said she is moving on with her life and she is ready to start everything from scratch.

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