Sizwe Dhlomo Officially Off The Market?

Who is this lucky girl?

By  | Jan 07, 2022, 10:46 AM  | Sizwe Dhlomo  | Relationships

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Time and time again, tweeps have always speculated as to whether media personality Sizwe Dhlomo is in a relationship or not. But based on his most recent Instagram post, it seems those speculations are finally about to be made clear.

Just recently, Sizwe took to posting a sizzling photo of him in a pool with one very beautiful lady. What has caught the attention of fans however is the way they are both looking at each other. From Sizwe’s point of view you would think they are having an argument, but from the lady’s point of view, well, it’s a whole different story altogether. 

Taking to his comment section, it seems only a chosen few seem to know who this mystery lady is, but the rest of the crowd, many are all but confused wondering, when did Sizwe start seeing her and how long they have been together.


Others are arguing that maybe she could be nothing but just a friend but with the way they are both looking at each other, we highly doubt it. Those who have been hoping to shoot their shot, or were maybe crushing hard on Sizwe are not having such a good day either.

On Twitter, the reactions are even more hilarious with many in shock because they had never imagined to see Sizwe with a woman. So what exactly are tweeps saying? According to them, nothing is clearly going on between the two of them because with the distance that is between them and hey way Sizwe is eyeing her… surely that is not how you look at your significant other is it?

It seems that tweeps are also sympathizing with her, because if she really is indeed with Sizwe, then she must be going through a lot. Come on guys, is Sizwe really that badly off? 

If you can remember though, was it not just the other that Sizwe confessed that he would not mind staying 3 years without s3x for $500 million. We definitely hope that his mystery woman  did not see that particular tweet because then things are about to get tough!

Other than that however, it was also just the other day when Mzansi was hot on sizwe’s case after it was alleged that he was the main reason behind fellow media personality Unathi losing her job. This was after the two got into a heated altercation that well, took a turn for the worse. 

While both parties claimed that they were being set up by the other, it seems that there will be no mentioning Unathi without mentioning Sizwe for some time. 

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