SK's Ex Ayanda Hlongwane Says His Abuse Led To Her Miscarriage

SK's ex is speaking out

By  | Jun 07, 2022, 07:31 PM  | Sthembiso "SK" Khoza  | Relationships

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A couple of days ago SK Khoza caught up with property mogul and Somizi’s ex friend TT MBA to speak about a handful of things including his relationship with Ayanda Hlongwane, his ex-fiancé.

“This is my question to South Africa, my country. Why hasn’t anybody called me to ask if I hit Ayanda Hlongwane? Does my country know that I went to court six and seven times and Ayanda never pitched, not once and she had to be subpoenaed?” he asked. “When Ayanda arrived, she went to sign that she wants to drop the charges and reconcile with me.” Said the actor.
Ayanda Hlongwane has decided to break her silence and tells her side of the story.
She begins: “A lot of people have tagged me on this video and at first I just thought, I didn’t want to entertain it but it did hit a nerve.”
She responds to  the allegations made in three sections.

1. I only dropped the charges because he asked for mediation and there’s the letter from his lawyer. My lawyer was communicating with me and did tell me that Ill go to court only when I’m needed and that was when I went to sign that I agree for the meditation.

In the second section, she reveals that SK’s abuse led to her suffering a miscarriage.

2. I suffered all of this because I asked for help in dealing with his abuse that led to my miscarriage and the other side of his life that I found out about. It’s weird how with every person his been with, they are portrayed as crazy and yena he has proof but is just not that person to expose them,as he now says that about me. Even if they were crazy, you drove them to that point.Talk about screen shots.. I gat more from everyone who finally also came up and showed me what was going on.

She also states that he is trying to dictate how she should heal and handle the whole thing.
3. As if you’re abuse was not enough. Now you want to dictate how I should heal and handle this by asking why I didn’t talk or come out to talk about this. I’ve been trying to deal with this privately and the way I see best fit for me not for clout.

Bese uyangiyeka please because ngizthulele. I may not be able to fight you physically but I will defend myself because this is still emotional abuse.

In his interview with TT, he told him that he does not remember a single thing about those videos and that he suspects foul play.

“People don’t care. If I had to tell everybody right now that I don’t remember a single thing of those videos, that scares me,” he told the businessman. “We live in a world where people spike drinks or put things in people’s food."

SK found it strange that all people could think about is those videos and not the fact that Black Coffee had just won a Grammy.

"I think about that day and the fact that Black Coffee just won a Grammy award, and all people were talking about is SK. Do people understand that a Grammy is something even me as an actor, I would kill for.”

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