Is Anele Mdoda Changing Her Tune?

Things didn't go as planned.

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Radio presenter, television personality, author, and actor Anele Mdoda celebrates her birthday today. She is a contender to the title of ‘Clapback Queen’, with her sassy and often stinging clapbacks serving as a warning to fans NOT to step on her toes. Don't come for Anele because she will eat you alive and spit you out!

Besides that, we love that Anele stands up for herself when trolls and tweeps trying to take things a little too far. She will not allow anyone to disrespect her and that's why many love her.

As she turns 37 today, he's a look at the times that Anele showed she's not one to be messed with.

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Is Anele Mdoda a liar?

The iconic American broadcaster Wendy Williams, who hosts the famous Wendy Williams Show declared that the 10th of April is Wendy Williams day in South Africa. News that was received with so much joy from her audience as she relayed the news.

However, social media detectives were alert and dug deep to find out who might have told Wendy that she has a day specially dedicated to her in Mzansi.

Apparently, it was Anele Mdoda who 'lied' to Wendy Williams. Anele had a virtual interview for the 947 Breakfast Club Show with Wendy Williams and that's where she conveyed the news to her.

Someone tweeted saying "@Anele is it you that lied to Wendy Williams that April 10th it's her day in South Africa?” to which Mdoda responded, "It's not a lie nje."

Anele Mdoda fat-shamed

Anele Mdoda led the way on boycotting Virgin Active after the gym franchise softened its stance on a man who was caught masturbating on the premises. As soon as the video went viral, the gym and authorities decided to take action, but after a while, they dropped the case.

In a tweet, Anele Mdoda questioned them, and when they failed to take action, Anele decided to cancel her membership. Unfortunately, people began to body-shame her, using her plus-sized status to make jokes about her quitting the gym.
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Anele Mdoda shades Kelly Rowland

Back in 2019, Anele Mdoda found herself trending for all the wrong reasons when she commented about Kelly Rowland's looks on the TL.

It all began when media personality, Sizwe Dhlomo, rated Kelly Rowland as the best-looking member of Destiny's Child. Anele then weighed in on this opinion saying: "Kelly looks amazing with makeup. Take that makeup off then it’s tickets. I have receipts."
Sadly, this opinion about Kelly Rowland's looks was not received well, and let's just say, Anele did not hear the end of it. 

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Anele Mdoda's zestiest clapbacks

Anele Mdoda is opinionated, hilarious, and not afraid to put haters in their place. Her sassy and often cutting clapbacks make her literally own the title of ‘Clapback Queen.’
She has a wicked sense of humor and is not afraid to laugh at herself, but she also stands up for herself and never allows anyone to disrespect her.
Take a look at some of the reasons Anele Mdoda is the Clapback Queen of all time.

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Anele survives horrific human trafficking incident

Anele Mdoda, through a series of tweets, shared a horrific experience she encountered at one of the hotels she was staying in whilst in Cape Town

Anele’s first post revealed was that the unknown men had entered her hotel room by using access cards to gain entry. This is despite Anele and the rest of her team having no knowledge as to who the men were and how they got to be in possession of a key to gain access to her room.

When asked what remedial action she planned to take, this was her response.

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