Is Kamo Mphela Still Jealous Of Uncle Waffles?

What measures jealousy anyways?

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Our celebrities find great delight in doing what they love, and with the help of the internet, they may earn fame, popularity, and build a fan base. Kamo Mphela is a South African dancer and musician who rose to fame after posting a video of herself dancing on social media.

Sukendleleni and Labantwana Ama Uber, two Amapiano popular songs, include her as a guest vocalist and dancer. With her smooth dances, Kamo is capitalizing on her reputation as the queen of the dancefloor.

Kamo Mphela Jealous Of Uncle Waffles?

Uncle Waffles is the new sheriff, and she is obviously a newcomer to town. She got immediate stardom and a follow from rapper Drake after only one video of her smashing her set. But now the focus has shifted to Kamo Mphela, who has been accused of being envious of Ms. Waffles because her name was linked to the American musician first.

After that video of her performing her fire set, Uncle Waffles became an instant celebrity who received a slew of gigs. She helped to popularize Kabza De Small's Adiwele even further as the release date drew nearer.

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After news came around that Drake followed Uncle Waffles on Instagram, Kamo Mphela was caught a stray while minding her own business. Kamo must be struggling to breathe, according to a troll, because Drake gave her an L. "I'm sure Kamo Mphela is battling to breathe wherever she is."

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Did Kamo Mphela Really Meet Drake?

A romance between Kamo Mphela and Canadian superstar Drake was once rumored, but was this true? Mzansi began to assume Drake had the hots for Kamo when Cassper disclosed on the Venom and Banques show on YFM. Tory Lanez is also a fan of Mufasa's on social media, according to Mufasa.

"I was even talking to Kamo Mphela the other day I said 'You sleeping on yourself, do you know who you are?' I'm like 'Do you know that Drake and Tory Lanez talk to each other and say "I wanna f*** this girl?" Like I'm telling you.' Right now the American rappers are probably looking at Kamo Mphela and are like 'yooohh," said the rapper.

Mphela rose to prominence as a result of her appearance on the renowned Jobe song. Surprisingly, she made no money from the album. During an interview with Mac G, she stated this.

Kamo Mphela Fires Back At Haters

Kamo Mphela is without a doubt one of the top talents discovered in 2020. With popularity comes unwanted attention from trolls, and Kamo has always been the target of bullying, while remaining mute. On social media, Kamo is known as the "girl with many faces" because she appears to be a completely different person in every photo she shares.

The Amapiano vocalist and dancer shared a photo of herself covered in make-up. Many of her fans did not recognize her as a result, allowing trolls to abuse her.

In reaction to the trolling, Kamo told her detractors that she would continue to give them heart palpitations, hinting that she will have a successful year in 2021. "Drag me, sling shot me, purify your hearts, because I'm still about to screw you up."

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Kamo Mphela’s wardrobe malfunction in public

Following her panties being ripped off in June 2020, the self-proclaimed Queen of Amapiano's performance at the prestigious DSTV Mzansi Viewer's Choice Awards(DSTV MVCA) 2020 was short-lived.

The actress was all set to bring her legions of fans up on their feet and swinging their hips as she lit up the stage, but her pants let her down when they ripped.

The dancer was only seen on stage for a few seconds before rushing backstage, which disappointed her fans because the Amapiano phenomenon is known for keeping partygoers dancing until the sun sets.

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