Senzo Meyiwa's Oldest Daughter Has Mzansi Gushing

People are in awe over their striking resemblance

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The late Senzo Meyiwa trends from time to time and it is mostly for the unsolved murder mystery. But this time, he is trending because of his daughter's striking resemblance. No, we are not talking about his identical twin Thingo, but rather his other twin with wife Mandisa Mkhize, known as Nana.

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Mandisa Mkhize gushes over her daughter all the time on social media. The 15-year-old gets a lot of love from people especially those who are adamant that she looks like the younger female version of her late father, Senzo Meyiwa.

Take a look at some of Nana's pictures on social media:

Judging from Mandisa's posts, it seems as though Nana is aware that her father is no more. Shortly after he died, on what could have been his birthday, Mandia took their daughter to his grave.

"As she wished her dad a belated Father's Day...She wanted to drop off her card and her sister's card and tell him she misses him. Sad but I know he will never be forgotten by his daughters, family, and the nation," she wrote

Over the past few weeks, his murder has remained a mystery with people
fighting for his family to get justice. Fingers have been pointed at various people but the people who were in Kelly Khumalo's house in Vooslorus have some explaining to do.

For years, Longwe Twala's name has been dragged in the mud with his father being in the forefront giving his opinion on the matter. Just recently he said the people in that house the night of the apparent botched robbery, have to tell the nation who pulled the trigger.

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“It really pains me that people think I am hiding something in the Meyiwa case. They are tarnishing my name on a matter that does not involve me. I was not part of the eight suspects including my son when, Meyiwa was murdered. I was sleeping at the time I received the call. I went to assist Kelly, because she said "please come, Senzo has been shot," that's all,” he told Newzroom Afrika's Xoli Mngambi.

"I was not part of the eight people. I think the people who know the truth are my son, Kelly Khumalo, and the rest of the guys who were there. Because those people are conscious. Someone cannot be shot in their presence and they are all silent about it. They know who killed Senzo, my son knows, Kelly knows and everybody knows.

He is in full support of the killer being arrested, even if his son is somewhat involved, "I will never protect him [Longwe], I don't care how much I love him but if he is part of the people who murdered Senzo even if there is a death sentence I will support it

"Why would your best friend not divulge who killed Senzo? My son was meeting that guy for the first time. Senzo's friend must tell the truth that he was there when Senzo was killed. Even if the guy says its my son, the police must immediately arrest my son send him to life sentence," he concluded.

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