They Have Aged Like Fine Wine

These ZAlebs over 40 can still get it

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We all know that black don't crack, but once in a while we see someone that surprises us all. It's like they are drinking from the well of eternal youth and sheesh! We can't help but stan. 

When they said age is nothing but a number they must have had these ZAlebs in mind. They are all over 40 years of age, but they must be doing something right because they can all get it. 

Sonia Mbele 

This list would be amiss if we did not begin with Sonia Mbele. While many others remember her as Ntombi from Generations, horizon snaps show that she has grown way beyond that role.

The best part about the 45 year old's social media presence is that she literally surprises Mzansi every time she posts a picture of herself. It's like we can't just wrap our heads around how ridiculously hot she is, and how could we? 

Connie Ferguson

Connie may be a mother figure to many of us, seeing as we fondly watched hers and Uncle Sho's love story. But if you think she is no more than a mum and a phenomenal actress, boy are you wrong!

At 51 years of age she looks not a day over 30. It might have something to do with her genes or probably that she takes really good care of herself. Seriously Connie works out harder than most SAns in their 20s, and we are glad to see that it's working for her. 

Nonhle Thema

Nonhle Thema may have her fair share of controversies. But regardless of how you feel about her, one thing we can agree on is that she can get it. 

She recently celebrated her 50th birthday by sharing pictures from her 27th birthday. And listen, moghel has not aged a day. How does she do it? 

Sello Maake KaNcube 

Do you want to know how we know Sello Maake can get it? He is 61 years old and married to a 39 year old, Pearl Mpho Mbewe. Also, we have eyes, so we rest our case. 

Sello I've been attractive since he was younger, but we have to say the salt and pepper look is really working for him. Just look at that healthy beard and that lovely smile. Don't you agree? 

Thembi Seete

Thembi Seete, best known as Gladys on Gomora first got famous as part of a kwaito group. This, apparently, many young fans didn't know, judging by how shocked they were when she posted a dance video. 

Clearly she is in great shape and has kept everything tight. Also she's literally so pretty, wow. Can you imagine telling your friends your mom is 44-year old Thembi and she looks like that? 

Shauwn Mkhize 

Shauwn Mkhize has had all the boys confused for a minute now. She's always having some superb looks, and it only intensified with her recent vacation. 

I mean ma'am can pull off a bikini, and we are not exaggerating. She had everyone shooting their shots in her comments, offering to be her Ben 10. We don't blame you, we would do the same too. 

Somizi Mhlongo 

Somizi turns 50 in 2022, but you would never guess it. He parties like it's 1999, and enjoys every physical activity possible including gym workouts playing tennis and horse riding. 

He has confessed that he uses Kelly Khumalo skin care products, and now we're curious about them too. He also boasts one of the most iconic wardrobes in Mzansi. I mean he was married to Mohale who just turned 26. We get that the relationship did not end well, but it still proves our point. 

Robert Marawa

Sports journalist Robert Marawa dated Pearl Thusi. We believe that should be enough to convince you that he can get it. 

At 48 years, Robert has the kind of body that lets you know he loves the gym, but without being obnoxious about it. Look at those arms and pecs. Ladies, am I right? 

Unathi Nkayi 

Radio personality Unathi Nkayi recently brought Mzansi to a halt when she shared a video of herself and three friends dancing to Nkao Tempela. It wasn't because of her exemplary dance moves, although she does have them. 

Fans were shocked by how good she looked in a bikini at 43 years. Sis has got some serious buns and abs! But it shouldn't be all that shocking. Her social media is filled with videos of herself working hard in the gym.

She recently shared a recap of her fitness journey and the gains she made in a year are remarkable. Get it sis! 

Katlego Danke 

Veteran actress Katlego Danke is ageless and we cannot deny it. While many celebrities have to post thirst traps to go viral, Katlego went viral by posting a selfie. Yes, she is that powerful. 

She may be joining the cougar ranks as you cannot imagine how many times she gets in a day from guys who would like to just take her out on a date. But, I mean, look at her face. Don't you kind of want to slide in her DMS too? 

Black Coffee

There's a characteristic glow that comes when a man starts to age, especially when he does the whole bald head and beard look. Black Coffee has cracked the code. 

Of course it helps that he has a ridiculous amount of money; it is a powerful aphrodisiac. Even juicier -- he is single and hopefully ready to mingle. 

There must be something in the ZAleb water because wow! They are all aging so gracefully. Our wish for you is that the ZAleb genes locate you this year. 

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