Unathi Gets Real About Covid-19

Stay home and take care of your health

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The lockdown has not been kind to anyone. This is evident with gym fanatics like Unathi Nkayi, who is not able to go to the gym and get that adrenaline pumping.

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Unathi has however urged South Africans particularly those in the Gauteng province to take the restrictions set by President Cyril Ramaphosa seriously.

She said that she says this mainly because of what the country went through last year and having been in the Eastern Cape, she says she is more cautious.

She said, "I KNOW YOU WON’T want to hear this BUT DONT attend the prayer sessions, memorials and funerals that are coming. Mentally I would suggest you avoid the online ones as well because mourning alone and bringing that into your own home is NOT HEALTHY."

"Working from home comes with its own challenges BUT we must ALL make it work, stay home and keep each other alive."

She said her children only eat oats now because they have been waking up very late, "They hate being outside so I NOW force them to eat breakfast outside".
Now that is making sure that your kids are taking in that morning fresh breeze in a safe environment.
A number of people have passed on from Covid and Covid related symptoms. These are not just people that everyone thought would eventually pass on because of the age, these are people that are young and healthy.

Actor Mutodi Neshehe's untimely passing recently sent shock waves across South Africa and everyone who knew and loved him. It is not yet clear what his cause of death was but the industry is shocked that he is also one of the people that God decided to be with even before the year is over.

In a released statement, his family announced his passing, “With great sadness, we announce the passing of Mutodi Neshehe on July 1, 2021. He was our brother, uncle, father, mentor, role model and actor. He will be sorely missed by his family and close friends.” 

Mutodi left behind two beautiful daughters, Lexi and Sadee Belle, that he always showered with love and never missed a chance to express how much he loves them.

Mutodi was accused of being physically abusive to his ex-wife Leslee Dalton by Leslee's friend. Mutodi and Leslee were married for 13 years and stayed in America before moving to South Africa.

Speaking to Drum magazine at the time about his marital woes, Mutodi said "I feel like I'm the only one fighting, but she's giving up. It's like this isn't the person I married. We are supposed to be like Bonnie and Clyde, out there slaying together but it's not happening." 

The magazine alleged that one of the problems Mutodi and his ex-wife had in their marriage is the fact that it took his wife 9 years for her to register as a psychologist in South Africa. Mutodi as quoted saying "I feel overwhelmed as I'm the only one handling all the responsibilities of the household and it's weighing me down."

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