Zahara Is Reportedly Asking For Help

It is reported that Zahara might lose her home

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Musician Zahara reportedly wants help from her fans after reports alleged she is about to lose her home. A few days ago, City Press reported that the bank wants to put her home in Roodeport up for auctioning this month. Now, Daily Sun is reporting that she is asking for help from the public. 

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According to the publication, Zahara is open to receiving help from people and said this, “Even if it’s as little as R100. I’m open for help from anyone!”

The same home which she is allegedly about to lose, was broken into resulting in her 5 SAMA awards getting stolen.

A man she worked with before, is apparently open to helping her out with cash, by selling his designer clothes. Thabo Jama apparently said Zahara is the most welcoming person who makes one feel like family at her home. He said she helped him score a foot into the music industry so he wants to help her.

The musician then reportedly said she appreciates Thabo's help and also revealed the number people can call to set up donations.

Previous reports state that Zahara is in arrears of up to R17 665.40, which is made up of 6 months worth of missed payments. This after the star reportedly taken out a loan of R1.9 million for her Roodeport home.

A video where Zahara speaks about her struggles made rounds and in the video, Zahara is encouraging her fans who claim that they care about her to actively demand answers from the recording companies who are allegedly withholding her royalties.

"If you guys say you love me, you need to go to these companies, SAMRO, Share Public and our record labels Universal TS Records, and find DJ Sbu and TK Nciza. If you really care about me...I can't be fighting alone, I do not have money to pay for lawyers. My money is sitting there, that same money I can even build a clinic at my village.

"But you guys are only enticed by what you see on TV. I wrote Loliwe alone. DJ Sbu does not know anything about Lolilwe. I wrote Loliwe and performed it on the streets with people giving me coins. Today they all know Loliwe?" she asked.

DJ Sbu had been accused of trying to steal Zahara's 5 SAMA's and even threatened to sue a blogger who accused him if such, for R1 million. The blogger apparently said he sent men to her home to take those awards, which Zahara demands back. 

But he later did not go through with the lawsuit so he explained in a podcast why he chose not to. "God knows what I've done with my life. For somebody to write a tweet and say I sent people to go and steal awards. At that particular time...I'm usually never triggered by things on social media...but at that particular time I was disgusted. I usually let things calm down. But that experience I got triggered and I responded. And then I was like 'if you don't delete this message I am going to have to take some legal action against you."

Sbu wanted to teach people that there are repercussions to the things you say on social media. "You don't just write things. I think a lot of people think you will get away with stuff by just writing 'allegedly' and then from there you write anything you want to write that defames people, it's not fair. Some of us will take action.

"I don't want to destroy the career of a young person whose seen Twitter as a platform to grow their careers. I don't want to send lawyers because I can afford to. I don't want to put that person in a position where they have to pay R100 for the rest of their lives because I sued them.

"But you need to remember that young people are also pumped by their followers. People want to see a fight but the same mind in me when I landed in Johannesburg I was like 'it's not even worth it.' That young person is like me 20 years ago tryna come up and I'm thinking he will not realise this today but as time goes he will see that some things I could have done differently. I don't want to have any enemies. I'm on social media to promote positivity and promote what I do and help other businesses as I can. I am not there to threaten and sue people," he said. 

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