A First Look At The RHODurban Reunion: DRAMA!

“Are you not rich?” - Londie London

By  | May 05, 2022, 07:55 AM  | Drama

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We are only a day away from the highly anticipated Real Housewives of Durban season 2 reunion which airs tomorrow exclusively to Showmax. The reunion will be a 2-hour special broken down into two parts with one airing tomorrow the 6th of May 2022 and part 2 dropping next week Friday, 13th May 2022, both hosted by popular comedian, MC, and presenter Donovan Goliath and there’s so much drama to expect judging from the trailer released by Showmax.

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This franchise became an obsession among viewers and topped Twitter trends weekly after every episode dropped with the 8 feisty reality TV stars Annie, Jojo, LaConco, Londie, Mabusi, MaKhumalo, Nonku, and Sorisha were also trending with the hashtag #RHOD. Fans of the show anticipate more interest in this reunion than in the regular episodes because they want to see what happens after this season. Having witnessed Nonku's mother, Queen, confront Ayanda Ncwane in the Season 1 reunion, Season 2's reunion has a lot to live up to - but there are still a lot of loose ends to be ironed out from Season 2, particularly after the Petal discussion about LaConco's mystery man, Jojo's dumping of water on Mabusi, and MaKhumalo's statement about separating herself from the group.
In the released short trailer, it seems like the cast newbies Londie London and Thobile Khumalo are getting more airtime and for not being able to have formed proper friendships with their cast members. In the first few seconds of the trailer, host Donovan asked Londie if she’s formed friendships from the show and her response was a feisty “I thought so.” She is further confronted for hosting the ladies and leaving them hungry and unattended in their hotel rooms but she stands her ground firmly asking why they couldn’t order room service if they were hungry. “Are you not rich?” Asked Londie.

Thobile is also asked about what she heard and did not want to share and her response was that she’s never seen or experienced a devil like that in her life and everyone wants to know who she is referring to.

Also in the trailer, we get to experience a scene where the clear-minded Sorisha is seen trying to understand and mitigate a situation that had happened during the show but Annie the instigator quickly stirs the pot and says to Sorisha, “you’re making excuses for people talking sh*t about you,” and that statement causes havoc amongst the castmates.

There isn’t much teaser on Nonku from the trailer but fans on Twitter anticipate that the private jet drama that saw Nonku left behind and bitter will resurface. Sorisha’s husband Vivien Reddy organized a private jet for her to which she only invited Jojo, Annie, and Thobile to join her while other ladies drove to the lodge in Ladysmith where the ladies were being hosted by Londie.

Fans also feel like Nonku is the protagonist of the show and that she has a much thicker storyline. We are also looking forward to watching her get deeper into her mental health. The star mentioned during the season that she lives on anxiety meds and that sometimes she consumed alcohol and uses it as an escape from reality which is sometimes too lonely for her.
Another topic we expect to see at the reunion is the water splashing between Jojo and fan favourite Mabusi. During the cast’s Sun City trip that was supposed to end well, Jojo got carried away, stood, and splashed a glass of water on Mabusi for defending LaConco, Mabusi got very livid and even threatened to hit Jojo.

LaConco was not very welcoming to MaKhumalo as soon as she joined RHOD. According to LaConco, they have "never really had a problem".  The two-part reunion will air this Friday and next Friday on Showmax.

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