DJ Zinhle Comes To Cassper's Defense

Twitter was having their way with him

By  | Jul 29, 2021, 10:27 AM  | DJ Zinhle  | Drama

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Cassper never seems to win with Twitter. Following the negative comments about his new sneaker with Drip Footwear, some tweeps are now looking for loopholes in his marketing campaign. To create awareness about the new shoes, he has been gifting celebrities with pars and sharing the images on social media for promo and this move didn’t lend with some people on social media. The rapper was slammed for giving away shoes to monied celebrities who can afford to buy twenty pairs while ignoring the less privileged.
In his defence, he said that other popular brands do the same thing but when to him the standards change.

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Another tweep alleged that Mufasa looks down on ordinary people and prefers to associate themselves with the rich and famous.

Cassper’s nemesis Prince Kaybee added fuel to the fire and said that celebrities are so far removed from their fans hence there’s a big disconnect. He then slammed the latter for giving away shoes to his celebrity friends. “Another thing about celebrities is the disconnect to the fans, they can’t seem to put back value where they got it from. For instance, you give away samples to celebrity friends and never to the people that bring the value, so now it creates a talking point but never an impact.”

Nyovest didn’t take well to this and called out Prince Kaybee from chickening out of their boxing match. According to Cassper’s tweet, Prince Kaybee is yet to sign the contract from Cassper’s camp.

“Sa gago ke go bua marete ka nna. Sign the boxing contract, get the clout from me knocking your ass out or make a hit. The tweets ain't gon make you more famous or more money. My shoe is doing well, I have the biggest song in the country & I can't wait to knock you out o marete!!”

The Urongo hitmaker was set to pocket 350K from boxing Nyovest. However, he has come back to say the figure is pocket change to him. This has taken many by surprise because earlier in the year he said that he’d fight him for free.

DJ Zinhle did come to Cassper’s defence and explained that celebrities gift other influential people products with the hopes of securing publicity.

“Gifting is a time-honoured method of getting exposure for your brand or product. Also known as seeding, gifting is the practice of sending the product to a celebrity, publication or influencer, free of charge, in the hopes of securing publicity.” She tweeted.

She further explained that this has nothing to do with any disconnect from the fans but is more of a marketing strategy. “Oftentimes the goal is to secure a social media post in support of the product.  A gifting campaign also serves to raise brand awareness & wider brand advocacy, soliciting word of mouth recommendations. Gifting is a marketing strategy used by a lot of brands.”

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