Emtee Drags MacG

The rapper is waging a war with MacG

By  | Dec 14, 2021, 05:02 PM  | Emtee  | Drama

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Emtee has joined the few celebrities who drag MacG and even called him an "op." The very same rapper who was exchanging jokes with MacG on episode 238 on Podcast And Chill With MacG, is now dragging him for not asking anything about his music or album Logan.

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Emtee was commenting on a post which applauded MacG for paying his team Christmas bonuses for their hard work in keeping the podcast at the top of others in the country.

"MacG giving his employees bonuses is just heartwarming. They have really worked very hard, now the podcast is the biggest in Africa," a tweep said.

Emtee then made a comment that did not really make any sense because it seems as though he also wanted to be paid for doing that interview he did earlier this year.

He topped the trends list with people slamming him and telling him to not start beef with MacG because he supports his music. But Emtee was not buying it as he said MacG is an op.

He said the people who go on MacG's podcast are stepladders and the free promo is not going to feed his kids. "I respect those who don’t like me more than those who pretend to," he said.

On the podcast, Emtee spoke about all the controversies he has been involved in and also spoke about his humble beginnings as a kid from Matatiele, to addressing misconceptions around Xhosa initiation schools, to how he made a living selling weed.

The hottest topic was not him showing his manhood but Ambitiouz Entertainment and how they left him broke.

When he signed to the label, Ambitiouz gifted Emtee with a lavish apartment but Emtee said at first they took care of the bills, but as time went he started receiving electrical and water bills and he also had to pay rent. He was then asked "what happens if he beefed with these people, would he lose everything?"

Emtee responded by saying, "That was always at the back of my mind, and every time the answer would be 'yes', they will do that." After leaving the record label he went very broke. He even revealed his shocking salary he received from the label saying it was just under 20K, whereas they were making around 50K per show he was performing in.

Emtee just released a documentary where he speaks about his time in the industry. The 9-minute documentary called 'The Real Story About Emtee' sees Emtee talking about how he left Matatiele to conquering Jozi. 

“I met Maraza, he was the first established artist I bumped into and made sure I make that moment count. So when I met him I gave him my music and told him to listen. I bumped into him in Yeoville and he said let’s go to my house now and listen to some beats and see if we can do something.

“So we did that and months went on, we started making a lot of music together. Then years went by, he was like a mentor. At every show I was with him and we formed a group and called it Forefront,” explained Emtee and then the rest was history.

Then Emtee spoke about his 5 car accidents and how Ambitiouz only cared about their cars instead of his life. “A lot of people didn't really care if I was damaged. They were worried about the car and if it was written off and I’m asking myself, why are people so much worried about this vehicle and my answer came about when I found out it’s not mine,” he revealed.

 "2 days in the hospital and motherf***s re stressing about the car."

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