Is The "Real Mean Girl" Annie Back?

Real Housewives of Durban viewers seem to think so.

By  | Mar 08, 2023, 10:59 AM  | Relationships

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The Real Housewives of Durban has aired its latest episode. Given that the first three episodes of season three were so explosive with the brief return of Londie London and the introduction of this season’s “villain” Saneliswe “Sane” Bhengu, it seems that the latest episodes do not have “that thing” that the season first started with.

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Primarily, this is arguably due to the fact that the season is now focussed on the interpersonal relationships of the cast rather than the expositional treatment used for the first few episodes of the season. As such, it seems that cast members are reverting back to their old tendencies.

One in particular that fans are weary about is none other than original cast mate Annie Mthembu. This is as it seems that she has let go of her “good girl” persona and is slowly reverting back to her old self, if the viewers reading of the situation is anything to go by. 

Is the real Annie back? 

For the first two seasons of RHOD Annie was considered the mean girl of the group. This is as she had a “queen bee” persona where she arguably believed that everyone in the cast needed to get an “approval” from her in order to be considered as part of the nuclear group which only had herself and Sorisha Naidoo in season one, and in season two included Jojo Robinson. 

However, in the latest season, she has attempted to showcase a more humane side. This is as she shared how her confidence has been affected by her eye problem, which she was dragged for following the season two reunion. Moreover, she attempted to show more of her family life in this season.
But in the latest episode, some viewers believed that Annie was reverting back to her old self. Primarily, this was due to the manner in which she treated the new housewife Slee. This is as the group was discussing Slee’s comments on Nonku and her relationship with polarising character Dumisani “RD a.k.a Gangster” Ndlanzi

Annie was responsible for the broken telephone that alleged that Slee shaded Nonku’s relationship when in actual fact, all she said was that she will be happy for Nonku until Nonku is not happy in her relationship. After clarifying her sentiments, Annie then still suggested that she cannot trust Slee until she has gotten to know her better. 
This was on top of leaving the party that was planned by Maria upon the arrival of Sane, who finally offered an apology for her egregious behaviour in the past two episodes she was featured in.  All of this has led to some viewers believe that Annie is slowly letting her guard down and reverting back to her old self, which was a bully and inquisitive about the lives of others while giving nothing about her own personal life. 

But it does seem that Annie will have a change of heart in terms of Slee, as recent images of the cast see Sorisha, Annie, Slee, and Maria all bonding. It seems that even Maria finally had her dream come true as she was finally accepted by Sorisha, which seemed to be her goal from the onset. 

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