MacG Shocked After Claims That The President Is A Chiller

So Cyril Ramaphosa is a chiller?

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You know Chillers are amped up about an episode if the podcast or MacG trends hours before the actual premier. That's how big the podcast is with it's 500 000 subscribers. In a snippet he shared on social media, MacG has Soweto leader Nhlanhla Lux and he joked about how the president of this country Cyril Ramaphosa, is actually a Chiller.

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For those like Athi Geleba who do not know what a Chiller is, it is a person who supports Podcast And Chill with MacG and watches it on a regular.

In the snippet for today's celebrity edition, MacG shared a clip from the interview where Lux says the presidency are Chillers.

"I know Cyril is a Chiller by the way," claimed Nhlanhla who caught MacG by surprise. "For real?" MacG asked and Nhlanhla said "Yes, they all Chillers. I was saying earlier on, you can't run South Africa in any leadership position, it does not matter which sea of government, if you are not a Chiller."

Then in his mother tongue, MacG greeted the President and Nhlanhla joined in.

Mzansi cannot wait to watch the entire interview to get the gist of that one clip alone. They are eager to find out if Cyril is indeed a Chiller or not. Some even asked the President's spokesperson Athi Geleba and she acted confused.

Here's how the rest of Mzansi reacted:
MacG has been marred with controversy for a very long time and he rarely makes it on people's good books, especially celebrities. From the Jub Jub interview to the Ari Lennox interview, MacG always gets slammed and most of the time he does not say anything controversial, it's always his guests who expose themselves, then he gets dragged for it.

Even DJ Maphorisa warned people and said if you do not want to ruin your career, do not go to Podcast And Chill. In an IG live session, he said, “MacG is a cool dude, but he will if you’re not careful, the man will destroy your career.

“He’ll invite you to his show and your words will get twisted and you end up in the ruins,” he said.

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MacG went on a rant following days of him being dragged for filth. He said he is the poster boy for everything that goes bad in this country, “If you don’t like what we have to say, don’t tune in. There are those that like it [but] if it’s not for you, then leave it. [Haters] have so much sh*t to say when they want us to be cancelled, but nobody knows this platform when we are doing good things,” he said.

He even bashed the female celebrities who always take aim at him, "These ‘It Girls’ constantly spew the same stuff whenever they want us cancelled, and it’s because they have the most to hide. They are against such a platform because they know they will get exposed," said Mac G. "We owe loyalty only to Chillers. Unless Chillers decide to unsubscribe and stop watching the show, we are going nowhere."

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