“I Was Held At Gunpoint"

Makwa speaks about the tragedy

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Former Raplyf producer/beatmaker Makwa took to Twitter to open up about the tragic day when he was held at gunpoint, this after a fan asked him about Kwesta’s album titled DakarII.

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“I heard @only1makwasaying we nearly didn't get #Dakar2 What happened there @only1makwa at the Mtn/Brea Rank,” tweeted Siya.

Responding to Siya’s tweet Makwa said he was held at gunpoint. He said the perpetrators wanted his bag.

He wrote: “I was held at gun point, they wanted to take my bag and it had the laptop that has hits on DakarII.”
Speaking about how he escaped, Makwa said his “Tsotsi Taal” helped him.
“I caused a commotion so that people can see what was happening, also my tsotsi taal helped me in a way because they thought I just got off a bus from emakhaya.”
Reacting to Makwa's ordeal @LLoydmajorkey responded: “That's a hectic story. Glad you got out of that situation, wanted to say everything you touch is magic. You are a legend in my books, you have the musical ability.”
“Thank You for risking your life so we could have the album, I just couldn't thank you enough.”
Last week Makwa found himself in the bad books of Ambitiouz Entertainment after he claimed that the Label gave him an advance for him to be an A&R for Blaq Diamond’s Muthi records.

Ambitiouz Entertainment quickly rubbished the claims saying the Label was only helping him out.

“Since Our name is being thrown into this issue that was supposed to stay private, let’s set the record straight…After seeing disturbing posts of Makwa on social media a few months ago We contacted him, Kwesta & Nota to check if he was ok. Nota requested that We assist him ( Makwa) financially and Ambitiouz Assisted for a few months."

Ambitiouz stated that Makwa refused the offer. The Label said the money was not a loan hence they have not requested a repayment.

“The money wasn’t a loan or an advance of any sort. Ambitiouz offered Makwa an A&R/ producer opportunity in order to continue to help him put food on his table, the offer he declined. If the money was an advance, then why hasn’t it being paid back or AE requested a repayment? AE assisted because Nota Asked it to help! This matter was a private matter & We hoped it stayed that way, but since it’s made public against our will. We Have to Fix the incorrect narrative.”

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