Lady Zamar Ready To Make A Strong Comeback!

It has been two years and she is finally back

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We often hear the words "down and out" being referred to some of our favourite entertainers. For someone who has been on top of her game, topping charts, touring cities, trending on social media, it was shocking to see the term being linked to Lady Zamar. But this pretty competitive industry is always looking to fresh new talent, which is why many people were not too shocked about this.

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It is often debated on social media why Lady Zamar is not as popular as she was before. Some think it is because her music does not bang as it used to because the star gave us hit singles such as Collide, El Diego and so much more. This new trend of Amapiano might be the blame, as we can name a few more stars who have felt the wrath of the popular genre.

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The term "out with old, in with the new" might also be used to describe what happened to her. There is an influx of fresh new talent in the music industry, we just can't keep up.

However, the main reason which caused this hate on Lady Zamar is the rape allegations saga between her and her former partner, Sjava. After the allegations, she was subjected to cyber bullying, which caused her social media activity to die down a bit. Not that she has not been active on social media, but she has been quiet reserved.

According to City Press, the star is making a return and we love this for her! The reason she had gone MIA though is allegedly for medical reasons. The publication alleges that she had undergone throat surgery which caused her to not be in studio pretty often.

The apparent surgery took place in 2021 but Lady Zamar has fully recovered.

A representative from Universal Music South Africa, which Lady Zamar is signed to, informed the publication that she is busy in studio.

“She is always in studio recording new music. She is also taking a break from the media for now. So, she is not comfortable speaking,” said Lwazi Zondo the rep.

Zamar's throat allegedly started giving her problems which lead to her throat getting "squeaky."

The friend told the paper that they thought her music career had ended because of the problem but she has fully recovered.

Zamar never stopped performing by the way.

Earlier this month, Lady Zamar, trended after tweeps dragged her for the rape allegations, which were dismissed by the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA.)

Trolls pitted Zamar against other female acts such as Ami Faku, Simmy and Msaki, saying they would chose any of the three ladies, except for Lady Zamar.

But that did not deter Zamar who always tweets about positivity and shares her thoughts on life, love and careers.

Trolls hated her even more after Sjava's interview on Mzansi Insider, where he spoke to Rorisang Thandekiso, about his healing journey after the rape allegations scandal.

"Career wise everything is going well, however mentally I am not coping. Even when I am in public spaces there is still that uncomfortable feeling I get from people, so I am still trying to heal from that.

"My music can be on the charts and it can do well but that does not mean I have healed. I am still trying to fix my spirits to be where it was before. What happened to me was not easy thing to go through. I do not wish it on anyone."

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