How High Is Linda Mtoba Willing To Fly?

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Linda Mtoba-South African Actress
Linda Mtoba is a well-known actress in Mzansi as well as a fashionista. When Linda Mtoba landed the role of Zama Ngwenya on Isibaya, one of Mzansi's favorite TV shows, she won many hearts. She is also well-known for her lightning-fast retorts to public outrage.

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Linda continues to work as a content curator, actress, brand ambassador, and mother to become one of the country's top actresses. It’s her birthday so we take a look at some highlights from her past year.

Linda Mtoba Addresses Mental Health

Linda Mtoba, an actress and mother of one, is well-known and well-liked by her fans for raising awareness about important social issues. She recently spoke about her ideas on mental health.

"Mental health is a genuine health issue, and the older I get, the more I realize and comprehend what a monster it is," the River actor wrote.

Her message, which received over 2,000 replies on social media, spurred a discussion among her followers about how the sickness is viewed in the black community, the costs associated with it, and how it impacts your mental health.

The actress also noted how as she's gotten older, she's realized how serious it is and how it needs to be taken more seriously and seen for the monster it is.

Linda Mtoba's Ambassadorship Deal

The actress recently disclosed that she has been offered a position as an ambassador.

"Cela nithi Hooray," she said on Instagram, congratulating herself on her accomplishment.

Linda stated that this is only the start of her adventure and that there will be more to come. She expressed herself as follows: "I'm incredibly honored to be named the official brand ambassador for @edgarsfashion. What a privilege it is to be a part of a company that has been a part of our life for so long."

Fans and celebrities such as former Generations The Legacy star Thuli Phongolo, Boity, and Zola Nombona congratulated her in the comments section.

Linda Mtoba Mad Over Breastfeeding

Linda Mtoba was enraged recently because she had to respond to those who questioned her parenting abilities.

The actress is a loving mother to her one-year-old daughter, whom she claims she will breastfeed until she makes the decision not to do so. Linda took to Instagram to offer a stern warning to anyone who criticized her parenting abilities. Baby Bean, as her mother refers to her, is too old to be breastfed, according to the trolls. Linda clapped back since that assumption did not sit well with her.

“Whenever I post a pic or video of me breastfeeding Bean I’m sent so many “oh my word she’s still breastfeeding,” “akesemdala for ukuncela.” (she's too old to breastfeed) Listen here and listen good, firstly yes and proudly so. WHO (World Health Organisation) recommends that you breastfeed until 2 (years old.) “ read the post.

Linda is an outspoken supporter of women doing what is best for them and their children.

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Linda Mtoba Launches Her Own Foundation

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2019, the actress announced on her social media that she was going to start a foundation to help assist those who have been hit the most.

In the post, she mentioned that she had realized that a lot of help is needed during this challenging time.

"This year has been one of the most difficult for us all, and as a result, I've seen and witnessed firsthand how much assistance is required. How much the next person need of us, and how much our children require of us" Linda penned.

Many South Africans have been affected by the pandemic, with some losing income as a result of job losses and salary cuts that occurred during the lockdown season.

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