"I'm Not Broke" - Speedy Makes A Comeback

He explains where he's been

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For years, South Africans have been asking the question "where is Speedy?" Well, ask no more, because he is back!

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For the benefit of ama 2000s who obviously do not know who Speedy is, he became famous as a member of the South African music group, Bongo Maffin which shot him to fame in 1997. His band mates were Stoan Seate, Thandiswa Mazwai, and Jahseed. Bongo Maffin’s songs played a significant role in the Kwaito Revolution that enthralled South Africa from the early 90s to the year 2000s.

He later left Bongo Maffin to start a solo career. Not only is he a musician, but his acting skills were also on par with his music. Speedy enthralled his fans with his performances as Deep in the first three seasons of the drama series Gaz'lam, from 2002-2005. He later made several guest appearances on the sitcom SOS in 2001, and played himself on the defunct youth soapie Backstage, in 2006. He also appeared in the 2002 feature film Hijack Stories. Many will also remember him on the 2011 hit song with Professor titled 'Lento' and 'Baphi' a few years later.

After then, many of us have been wondering wear Speedy and his signature white towel are. The musician recently had a chat with Daily Sun and revealed the exciting news that he will be releasing an album.

"I have my own album which I worked on with Ishmael, Nhlanhla Nciza and others. It’s a gift to fans," he told Daily Sun.

He also explained that one of his aims is to bring Bongo Maffin back together.

"I’m working on getting Bongo Maffin together again and we recently did a reunion concert," he added.

A number of people assumed that the singer has gone AWOL because he is down and out, however, he isn't. If anything, he has been living his best life between South Africa and America.

"People think I’m back because I’m broke. I’m not broke,” he explained.

Speedy has never hidden his love for America, even as back when he was making hits in South Africa. He would even emulate his love for American culture through his dress sense with durags, baggy jeans and chains - something that was unheard of in the Kwaito scene.

He said of the American people that “they acknowledge and appreciate their legends,” when compared to South Africans, who only “pretend to care” about their legends after they are dead. “They acknowledge and appreciate their legends while they are still alive,” Speedy was quoted as saying.

In his recent interview with Daily Sun, he spoke about the hardships he has faced in the industry and the judges that come with it.

"Like everyone else, I’ve had my fair share of struggles, which I’ve overcome and learnt from.

“Fame is a monster. People perceive you differently. I don’t want to live like that. I’ve messed up in the past. I’m working at fixing that,” he said.
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