Zoleka Mandela And Baby Daddy Split?

her recent post suggests so

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Author and activist Zoleka Mandela fell in love in 2021 and has been taking us through her beautiful love story.

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Zoleka found love in the arms of her prince charming and man-crush, the two went by the hashtag #UTekkieNoSlamba. This man changed her perception of Xhosa men, as she had sworn in the past to never date a Xhosa man ever again.

"Zoleka a few months back ... “OMG!!! I would NEVER date a Xhosa man. OMG!!! I would NEVER date a male version of myself. NEVER, shem!” Zoleka a few months later ... “OMG!!! Xhosa King aka @king_mayweather_cana_tbe What have you done to me!!! Like, actually just DATE me forever!!! I don’t care what I said a few months ago, the Devil is such a liar and you’ve changed my mind!!!" She posted on her social media.

The couple has been serving serious couple goals since coming out about their relationship in 2021.

Months into their relationship Zoleka announced that she had fallen pregnant with her 6th child and first with her new man. Before finding out that she had fallen pregnant Zoleka revealed that she thought she had food poisoning.

In a post shared yesterday, Zoleka revealed that she is tired.

"The way I am so tired, you guys!!! I don’t remember being this exhausted by a baby 25yrs ago when I had my firstborn, Zenani but then again … I was 17 then, I’m 42 now and quite OLD!!!"

She says her therapist says she "needs a break from the kids from time to time to evolve as a woman."

Zoleka told her that she'll take a break in two years when she starts dating again.  "I told her I don’t want a break but I hear her, I’ll take a break in 2yrs when I start dating again!!!"

This raised eyebrows as everyone thought that she is in a relationship so what does she mean by "dating again?"

She continues "Wait!!! No!!! Will I still have energy to date when I’m 44 (in the middle of the night with a new man) because the last one left me so emotionally and financially exhausted and incredibly stifled."

She says she "had to leave (pregnant and all) with the quickness and haven’t looked back, hey!!! The only exhaustion I have energy for is my kids!!! I just want to be a mom, guys … That’s all, like the best one my kids could ever ask for so if anything or anyone interferes with that - it was nice knowing you, buddy and bye!!! yesterday."

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