Tough Times Dont Last, Tough People Do

These celebrities have battled with depression

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Sophie Ndaba/AKA
It can be shocking sometimes to find out that even the best of our celebrities have time and time again slipped into depression. And with the pressures that come with leading their day to day life, it is sad to see when tough times get the best of them. 

As you may already know, many of our Zalebs have at one point in their careers slipped into depression, but what warms our hearts is to see them heal and come back better than before. Below is a list of celebrities who have battled with depression.

Sophie Ndaba 

When we think of a powerful and strong woman, Sophie Ndaba comes to mind. The veteran actress who got diagnosed with diabetes lost a lot of weight as a result of it. Social media, which has been said to be one of the biggest culprits who fuel a persons depression, did exactly that to Sophie.

The star who us currently going through a separation from her cheating husband, allegedly, opened up about this disease. Speaking to Radio 2000, Sophie said she saw nothing wrong with her body. According to the actress, she would still wear the same clothes 'Queen' wore, because the woman she saw in the mirror, did not reflect her reality. She refused to accept it.

I was at the deepest point of depression. I can't even explain it. When I think about it, I am like 'God, you saved me' because I would look in the mirror and see the same voluptuous woman. You wear the same clothes, the same style at that size and you still think it is normal. That is how deep it was, I couldn't see a thing.

Lasizwe Dambuza 

Lasizwe opened up about having depression saying the fame monster changed him for the worst. It got worse when he lost his father whilst he and his siblings were on a trip to Cape Town.
He wanted to delete his social media pages and start afresh. 

I’ve lost my true authentic self! I have become fake and plastic! The fame monster has gotten a hold of me! What you can do for me is to pray for me! Honestly please pray for me! It would really help
With that being said with immediate effect I am deleting all my social media applications and beginning a journey of self-discovery. I am still fighting a winning battle! Depression is real and deadly! I love you and appreciate you so much! I feel free.


On his 34th birthday, Reason opened up about all he went through as a result of depression. He even mentioned how much DJ Maphorisa helped him deal with it. 

To tell you the truth, Turning 34 found me making music and having a long conversation with @dj_maphorisa_ that probably got me out of a 3-year long depression I didn’t realize I was under.

Mainly because there’s a lot of hidden pain in loss. Loss of family, money, success, business, love, status, and even self. The spirit becomes vulnerable to the hard-hitting changes of life not going your way. 

Unathi Nkayi

You know you have reached a low point with depression when you seek the help of substances or alcohol to help deal with it. Unathi recently opened up about her battle saying alcohol was her crutch. 

There were times I would rock up in my onesie with slippers on and I’d throw a tracksuit over to seem as if I made an effort, which I clearly couldn’t at my lowest of lows. There were times I would rock up stinking of alcohol from the night before, I am sure I have sat on my therapist's sofa still drunk from the night before. BUT through it all I knew I would love the woman I was working on becoming BECAUSE I knew she deserved to be happy. Which I deeply am today.

Trevor Noah

Trevor spoke to South China Morning Post about the pandemic and how he overworks himself. He also spoke about his mental health. 

It was terrible. Are you kidding me? If anyone struggles with depression, if anyone’s working through anxiety, you can do a good job of managing that. You can manage how you eat, you can manage how you exercise, how you get fresh air, how you associate with people.

All these things contribute to your mental health. Having it all stripped away at once took a toll on society that I don’t think we’ve begun to understand.


It was not that long ago when SupaMega decided to open up about his struggles with depression. Taking to his Instagram stories, the rapper revealed that he had been diagnosed with clinical depression and that he was even put on medication, so that he could manage it.

This he said, was not easy because the medication was not exactly treating him as easily as he had thought it would. He said he felt absolutely nothing while on the meds, a feeling he completely hated. 

And while AKA never really gave any update on how he was handling his mental health now that he had quit his meds, he also went on to encourage those battling the same issue to simply hang in there. We do hope he is doing much better now.

Nozuko Ncayiyane

The Diep City actress, has on several occasions opened up about her several failed suicide attempts. At such a young age, the actress has been through so much that her choices and decisions have formed her into the person she is now.

Taking to her YouTube channel, the Nozuko confessed being depression from a very young age hence, the many attempts at committing suicide. She said, 

I think I was depressed from adolescent stage I think. I've never been to the doctor to tell me that I have depression. I started being suicidal I remember I was 16. I remember the first time I tried to kill myself I remember I was scared, I did not want to die but I remember I used pills, we had a lot of allergex pills. I drank pills and I don't remember being sick. I remember being drowsy, I remember oversleeping but I never went to the hospital. 

It takes a lot of courage for anyone to confess that they are battling with depression. and even though it is not such an attractive situation to handle, we are happy to see that our celebrities have deiced to break the stigma against mental health issues and continue to lead their loves to the very best. 

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