Mangaliso Ngema Replaced By Nimrod Nkosi On SABC 1's Family Secrets

The actor has been dropped once again

By  | Jul 01, 2021, 09:25 PM  | Mangaliso Ngema  | Drama

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Controversial actor Mangaliso Ngema has been dropped by SABC 1's Family secrets.

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Mangaliso played the role of Senzo on SABC 2's Lithapo when his character was killed because of harassment claims by The Queen's actress Lorraine Moropa on the set of Lithapo.

Mangaliso came out with a statement on Twitter after he trended for making actresses feel uncomfortable when they are shooting with him. He said that Lorraine had completely misread the situation where he was accused of fiddling with his genitals in front of her. Mangaliso said that this was mere;y as a result of a wardrobe malfunction that made him want to adjust his private area.

Mangaliso apologised to Lorraine for the misunderstanding and said, “I am not going to deny any allegations levelled against my name. I will take full responsibility for the sexual harassment case. I apologize to Miss Lorraine Moropa and others for the abuse I directed towards them.”

Mangaliso has since sued Lorraine and Quizzical pictures for defamation. Shortly after this was reported, SABC revealed that Mangaliso resigned from both his characters on Family Secrets.

The role of
Caesar Mokoena has been given to Nimrod Nkosi, Mangaliso's replacement on the show. 
Nimrod has been sharing pictures of him on Family Secrets which confirms that he has indeed taken over the character of Caesar. 
Nimrod has been an advocate of Bishops on the Moja Love show #AmaBishop. On the show, viewers see him asking the Bishops the hardcore questions that people on social media are asking. We see him grilling the Bishops on their scandals and other things that make the general public lose faith in what the Bishops do. 
He recently invited the controversial Bishop, Israel Makamu where the Bishop was expected to tell the truth regarding the true events of that fateful day when the recording was made. Bishop Makamu denied every allegation levelled against him and said that when he asked the lady that she gives him, he said that he was asking for a key to the Church. 
Makamu also said that he did not offer the lady’s family money because at the time he did not even have a million to give freely to people. This is an allegation that the lady’s family confirmed was indeed true.

Fellow Bishops were also given the spotlight to ask Makamu of his scandal and most of them stood by him and defended him. Saying that they have all made mistakes and it would be wrong of them to judge Makamu in his moment of weakness.

This set social media on fire as tweeps believed that Makamu was lying to the nation and he is sticking to his guns. The lady had opened a case against Makamu but the case has since been dropped. 
Family Secrets is currently in production. 

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