How Is Minnie Dlamini Doing?

It is no secret that Minnie has been through the most!

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Minenhle Dlamini, known as Minnie Dlamini, is a South African media personality, actress and model. Minnie not only has a thriving career but a thriving personal life as well.

In 2017 Minnie and Quinton Jones got engaged and went on to officiate their marriage in a news-making wedding. On 15 February 2022 Minnie broke the news on social media that she and her husband Quinton Jones' divorce was official.
Minnie and her ex-husband Quinton Jones

It is no secret that Minnie has been through the most since the announcement

let's take a look at how eventful this year has been for her already.

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Minnie struggling after the divorce?

Recently a viral screenshot of Minnie Dlamini supposedly making fun of her divorce gained the attention of trolls who mocked her. After Minnie and Quinton announced their separation months ago trolls had a field day taking digs at the couple, more especially Minnie Dlamini.

The most recent incident, an apparent Instagram story, Minnie Dlamini opens up about how the cold weather left her regretting getting a divorce. The posts talk about life as a single woman in this cold weather.

"It is very cold," read the first one. The second post says, "Don’t get divorced people. See now I’m struggling."

Read full story here.

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Minnie's cryptic post gets fans worried

Minnie Dlamini also had fans worried after sharing  a cryptic social media post. This post came at a time when trolls were having a field day with her and her ex-husband Quinton Jones' failed marriage.

Minnie shared the post, a week after releasing a statement denying the cheating allegations, which apparently saw the end of her marriage.

After sharing the post the TV presenter was showered with kind words with some fans encouraging  her to not engage with the hate she is receiving on Twitter.

Read full story here.

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Minnie opens up about depression

Despite putting on a bold front most of the time, Minnie has had to deal with a lot. Besides dealing with her divorce Minnie has been a victim of cyberbullying.

Following the news about the untimely passing of rapper, producer and fashion icon Riky Rick apparently by suicide, Minnie opened up about her own struggles.

She shared the following: "I won’t tell a word of a lie I am broken!!! Today’s news could’ve easily been me."

Read full story here.

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Reminiscing about the good old days

Minnie recently shared a throw back video of her, Bonang and Sizwe Dhlomo during their Live days. She shared the story of how her career began after taking a shot to audition for the Live presenter search.

As she marked 12 years since debuting on Live TV, she spoke of all the good memories they made.

"Today 12 years ago I got the call that changed my life forever. I had won the Live Presenter Search, I remember that feeling as if it were yesterday."

Read full story here.

We can only hope that Minnie continues to have a blissful year filled with love and more unforgettable memories as she celebrates her birthday today. Happy Birthday Minnie Dlamini!

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